Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Summary of our First Winter as Snowbirds

Wow, it is hard to believe we have been home for two weeks already, and yet, in another way, parts of our first winter down south are already slipping from our memories.

It literally seems like "years ago" that we were in Minneapolis, and Memphis, and Nashville !!

Of course, our morning hour-long coffee breaks are still alive and well. 

We talk of things past, things present, and things still yet to come.

Things past include all the absolutely wonderful friends we have made.  Our hearts have been touched, and our lives enriched by these relationships.

Next, we remember all the brand new sights to our excited eyes.

It feels like we have taken a small part of each community along with us in our hearts and in our memories. 

We feel changed in some indescribable way, through this experience.  I guess that is what travel is all about.

For the present, well, we are loving our condo.  Teresa is not a big bubble-bath type of gal, but, I know for a fact she has been soaking away in our luxurious tub more than a few nights.

And I just can't seem to get out of the shower in less than twenty minutes.  Pure luxury, my friends.

We are seeing more friends and family with each passing day, and I think by Easter, we will be pretty much caught up.

I have a couple of solid leads on the job front, but I sure am enjoying my time spent each day with my bride, so I am not in any kind of rush.

Teresa is enjoying being a fulltime homemaker, and is not sure if she wants to work or not.  Either way is perfect by me.

As for the future, well, we know that we LOVE heading south for the winter.

Yes, Regina and all of Canada had a wonderful winter, and we are thrilled about that, because we are always concerned about our kids coping in the unforgiveable winter weather.

But let's be honest, it is not 80 degrees, and you sure would look silly sitting on a beach towel by a frozen lake with your favorite drink in hand.

One of our goals this first year out, was to see which part of the country we would like to return to in future years.

That is a tough one to answer, because they were all great.

We really liked Texas, then when we got to Arizona, we really liked that, but then when we were in California and especially Palm Springs, we really liked that as well.

One thing we both agree to though, is that the Outdoor Resort Palm Springs RV Resort and Country Club was by far the nicest stop in our winter journey.

In fact, we are still in communication with a salesman there, as we consider buying a lot.

We are also talking about selling our beloved little motorhome.

She faithfully carried us over 12,000 kms ( 7400 miles ) and became a real home-away-from-home for us.

Because our rig is only 27 feet long, it is perfect for constantly being on the go, and touring.

But if we are to stay in one spot for any length of time, we think we would like something a little bit larger.

And since our future travels will be more concentrated in one area, a larger rig would be manageable.

One of our ideas is to leave a rig down south, and drive our car back and forth.  This would surely offset our humongous gas bill of over $3500.00, and would even give us enough to fly back home for Christmas.

Oh ya, Christmas.  We have decided that either we will fly home, or not leave until after Christmas in our future travels.

Of course, when our grandchildren get older, that all might change.

And yes, I did say grandchildren, because our second grandchild is due sometime in May !!

As you can see, even though our travels are over for now, we have lots going on.

I think I will keep the blog going, but I will only post occassionally when something newsworthy happens. ( Stay by your computers in May for big pink or blue news ... LOL )

Thanks to everyone who followed us on this amazing journey. 

Your support, comments, and ideas helped shape our first year away into an unforgettable event that touched our very souls.


  1. You have the best of both worlds!..glad that you see the good in both sides!..enjoy your time at 'home'!

  2. Nice that were able to tour for the winter and sample lotsa places. We love all those areas for different reasons, so usually do a similar tour every winter. Sitting in one spot is not something we want to do yet. I would get bored and want to work again (heaven forbid!). You will make the right choice. Enjoy your grandchildren.

  3. What a sweet post. I think we all enjoyed following your travels and experiencing your joys of being on the road for so long. Fortunately 99.9% was positive.

    Please do keep you blog going as you have become a part of our family. Hope you will continue to follow all of ours.

    I only caution you to not make any hasty decisions, you are young and have much to experience.

  4. I think once you find a place that you want to stay for a longer time (like palm springs) then that's what you do!
    Sell the little rig, get a larger rig and go back and forth via car or plane. Lots of people do that!
    I have been wondering where I would get a "home base" as well, maybe Louisianna or Alabama.
    I haven't been to either place, but I will know once I fall in love with a place if I want to spend more time there.
    From what I understand, the palm springs "bunch" are a great nest of people and I think you would not find a better place to settle down for winters and relax.
    Good luck and let us know, blue or pink!!!!!

    1. We LOVED both Alabama and Louisiana! The people in Alabama were very very friendly!

  5. excellent post..nice to see you enjoyed your first winter did we...hope you will keep the blog going...and congrats on the new grand baby...

  6. TnT,
    I really loved meeting you and following on your great journey. I hope all goes well at home.
    And those cravings Teresa had must have been for the real momma to be. :)
    Take care.

  7. I warned you about coffee in bed everyday!

    Whatever you decide for your future let us know as we will want to meet up down the road and enjoy our great canadian friends.

    Bob & Janet

  8. Enjoyed reading all your post and traveling along on your winter adventures. Happy Easter to you both.

  9. Hah! Hitch itch will get you every time!

  10. Thanks for the summary TnT! It will be interesting to see where you head next year - and it what! I agree with others - there is SOOOOOO much to see, I hope you take some time to decided IF and WHERE you find a more permanent spot.

    I really enjoyed following your travels this past winter and of course to meet with you in person was a real highlight of our trip!!!!

    Have a great summer!

    xo T

  11. Loved your post and your message. Maybe we can plan a few days to get together at the Grand Canyon during the winter. We have been to the Canyon many times but never in the winter.
    No crowds and it might be really nice.
    Think about it.
    Hugs to both of you. Wish you were going to be in Colorado this summer.
    Love & Hugs from the two of us.
    E & M

  12. Would love to hear your latest....


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