Sunday, June 10, 2012

We have a new Grandson !!

Finally we have something exciting to report.

Tristan was born on June 7th,  and tipped the scales at 9 lbs 4ozs.

Our daughter-in-law was a real trooper and handled the 16 hour delivery without breaking a sweat ... NOT.

As you can imagine she is tired and worn out, but very relieved that all went well, and now their family is complete.

Our son is strutting around like a proud rooster, and well he should.

This makes number two in their family, having a 2 year old daughter as well.

Rumor has it that this family will now call it quits, and rest on their laurels of having the perfect family ... one daughter and one son.

One of the benefits of Teresa being retired is she is able to spend time with them, keeping the family running smoothly, while everyone else tries to recoup.

Family is number one with Teresa, and even though she is very very busy, she is in her glory.

Last I heard she is settling in quite nicely, and has no immediate intentions of returning home .... gulp.

Otherwise things are pretty routine around here.  I am working part time this summer, to keep me busy, and for a little extra spending money when we head south again.

We are still following along with our blogging family, and wish you all a wonderful summer.

Our plans for this winter are starting to take shape, and we think we will spend time in Utah, Arizona, and California.

One other thing.  Grandma Teresa has already made it very clear that Christmas will be spent at HOME !!