Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Re-Retirement Teresa !!

As of quitting time today, Teresa is mine .... all mine !!

She was really excited to be called back to her former office, because she truly liked her job, but truly loved her office family.

The local restaurants are going to miss her as well, because I don't think I saw her pack a lunch the entire three months !!

Thank goodness she is done, because with her away at work, I have been left to get everything ready for our travels.

Oh, oh, that's not good !!   I am quite capable of getting the motorhome and car ready to go, but my packing and organizing skills inside the rig aren't that great.

We received confirmation today that our park in Gold Canyon will accept us this year.

It was a case of too young and too old !!

That's right, we are rule busters !!   They are a 55+ park, which makes us too young.  They also have a 10 year or newer rig rule, and our rig is too old !!

We had to send photos of our rig for manager approval, and just to be sure, I also sent a photo of Teresa to bribe them !!

That was the quickest approval on record !

Just a quick blog note.  Unfortunately, I had to disallow anonymous comments, because we were getting flooded with spam messages.

We love to hear from others and receive their advice, so I hope this does not discourage folks from signing in.

Better run now, Teresa will be expecting a clean condo and supper ready. 

Oh ya, guess I better get a few tissues ready, because I know there will be tears on her last day.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch ...

Let's see, last we heard from our hero and heroine, they were silly with excitement at the birth of their new Grandson !!

Fast forward a few months, and we find it is time for them to head south for new adventures.

Actually, we are starting to realize we are some of the last ones to leave.  I guess we just want to make sure the rest of the flock gets going safely. 

I am finished with my summer driving job.  Although I do love to drive, I put on over 70,000 kms in the last six months.

Guess my butt will be ready for the drive south !!

Teresa's last day is tomorrow !  She was called back to her previous job, as the person they hired to replace her took on a new position, and Teresa was able to train another candidate.

We will take a few days to sleep in, finish packing the motorhome, visit our Grandchildren and families, then head off to the sunny south.

We have had a few skiffs of snow, but so far the roads appear in great shape.

Our plan is to spend the winter mainly in Arizona, but for sure we will be back in Palm Springs for March, before heading home.

As you can imagine, there are so many things to take care of before you leave that it really seems overwhelming sometimes.

But, once we get on our journey, those concerns seem to melt away and are replaced with the excitement of new adventures !!