Sunday, February 5, 2012

Mesa Swap Meet and Super Bowl Sunday

I have been mistakenly calling the Mesa Market Place Swap Meet a flea market all this time ... sorry 'bout that !!

We had no idea how large this place is.  Over 55 acres with over 1600 vendors.

The parking lot was a zoo !  Once inside we began browsing the many shops.

One thing we noticed right away was there are a number of vendors selling the same kind of merchandise.

We made our way through the crowds, and bought a few items, including a very nice wind chime for our motorhome.

We spent almost 3 hours there, and by the end I was completely shopped out, and began losing interest rapidly.

I think Teresa could sense that, and she suggested we come back some other time.  Alrighty then.

We arrived back at the resort, just in time for the Super Bowl party. 

The resort provided free beer and wine, and some appies, and the bowling team was selling hotdogs for a dollar.

My bride and I are not big NFL'ers, but we got to meet some friendly folks and we really enjoyed ourselves.

Today is Teresa's birthday, but we decided to celebrate it tomorrow, because everything was busy for the big game.

We are going to check out some other parks in the area, then we will enjoy a restaurant meal together.

Should be lots of fun !!


  1. Yes the Mesa Market Place is huge and we love wandering around, check out a few vendors, maybe a snack and a beverage and listen to the music. Another busy day for you.
    Happy Birthday Teresa!

  2. Happy Birthday, "Littlt Bit".
    Wishing you were back with us but glad you are having a wonderful time.
    Trent, we love your blog!
    Hugs to both of you.
    E & M

  3. Happy Birthday. I'm so happy you two are having a great time traveling around our country. We sure miss you and hope to see you again one of these days.

  4. What a great place to be celebrating your special day. Enjoy!

  5. Happy Birthday, Teresa! Your Super Bowl party sounds like fun - free drinks and hot dogs for a buck, you can't beat that.

  6. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY Teresa - from the 3 of us over here at a life made simple!

  7. Happy Birthday Teresa. Looks like you two are still having a blast. See you this spring hopefully. Our house is almost ready to list. By beginning of next week I hope. It's a seller's market so hopefully sells quickly........ Dale & Cindy

  8. Happy birthday ,guess you will have to steal one of the gifts I sent Trent. Miss you guys, hope we can hook up again next fall.
    Bob and Janet

  9. Hope you had a Happy Birthday Teresa.

  10. You made our day when you mentioned Mesa Market Place Swap Meet in your blog!!! Thank you so much for giving us a thumbs-up! 900 vendors stock 1600 market spaces! Hope you come back again, and have as much fun the second time! Don't forget, we have live music in our Food Court (in the middle of the second row, Row C from 9am til 3pm.) Good entertainment there! Thanks again, Joan Wells, faithful employee of the Mesa Market Place Swap Meet!

  11. HaPpY BiRtHdAy To YoU I won"t sing the entire song or your ears may bleed. But I do wish you many more and I hope you and your Groom had a wonderful day together.


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