Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Happy Birthday, Teresa

And not just any birthday, but a significant one !!

Teresa is now part of the Nifty Fifty Club ... lol.

It was with kicking and screaming great dignity that she took this birthday all in stride.

Teresa received lots of birthday wishes today

We enjoyed a leisurely coffee or two in bed this morning, before getting ready for a planned luncheon.

I swear Teresa is obsessed with food.  I know, you would never know it to look at her, but seriously, she talks more about food and going out to restaurants in a day, than most people do in a month.

"Can you please speak up ??  Now that I am 50 I don't hear so well "

And for the last several weeks, she has been yearning for Red Lobster.

Today is also our friend Henry's birthday.  Not sure his age, but he did say he wishes he was turning fifty.

Henry is a real gentleman, because he said it was lady's choice, and so the Red Lobster it was.

Henry and Teresa share the same birthday

We all enjoyed our meals, and of course we had a great time.

We agreed to meet in an hour or so after lunch for cake at Henry and Pam's rig.

We all had a great laugh at the messed up cake.
Sorry, it is an inside joke, and we would hate
to embarrass Marilyn

We enjoyed a couple of hours of laughing and story telling, while the entire cake was devoured.

Teresa with Lee and Betty

We had eight people in this motorhome, and honestly we did not feel crowded at all.  This is a floor plan we could live with.

Marilyn and Ed

We love spending time with this motley crew, because they have all travelled extensively, and have great advice for us newbies.

The hostess with the mostest ... Miss Pam

It was after five by the time we said so long with hugs.

When we arrived home, we noticed a note on our door to head over to Rene and Jeanette's site to meet their family.

Although it was getting close to supper, Teresa said "Let's go" because she was promised some Grammy time with their ten month old grandson.

"Hi Easton ... I am your newly adopted Grammy"

Rene and Jeanette are such gracious hosts, as they gave up their grandson to Teresa's complete joy.

We also met their beautiful daughter, Ginette, and son-in-law, Trevor, whom anyone would be lucky and proud to welcome into their family.

Their friend, Rick, also arrived today, and I would not be surprised if he wasn't shopping for an RV, because he fits in perfectly.

By this time it was getting dark, so we reluctantly headed back for home.

However, the fun still wasn't over, because Teresa had many E-Mails waiting for her.

The icing on the cake was when our two children phoned and she had some chat time with our granddaughter, Mya.  Her heart was exploding and she was wishing she could be holding her granddaughter and grandson!!!

It was an awesome day, for an awesome lady.


  1. Happy birthday Teresa! sounds like you had a perfect day!

  2. Sounds like you had a very Happy Birthday, Teresa. Trust me, it just gets better and better.

    I'm a Grammy to 5 little grandkiddles. My 5 year old grand daughter asked her mom last week if she could call me "Grams." I thought that was so cute!!

    I wish you a wonderful year with lots of happy times. :)

  3. Happy Birthday Teresa looks like you had and awesome day!

  4. Happy Birthday Teresa and welcome to the club!

  5. Birthday wishes to the youngest 50 year old ever!

  6. Happy birthday! Enjoy it, they really do not get any better as you move up the numbers:)

  7. Hey you two, looks like we probably won't be able to get together now till we are both in Yuma. I have been helping Clint build his fence on his property in Maricopa. We have to go to Camping World to get our front furnace checked out and also fridge on propane, and then Amanda flys here from Calgary Tues night at midnight. But we will definitely get together. We miss you guys. Sorry we didnt get together sooner.

  8. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY Teresa! Belated! yikes! Sorry! On Mexico time I guess. Sounds like a great day! Blessings for a healthy and happy year ahead! T, D and C

  9. It was fun to have you come over to visit with Easton and us. He loves his new toy....and he won't easily give it up.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! It was a day worthy of celebration. Thanks too for lending us your tennis rackets.

    Enjoy your last couple of day here in Gold Canyon before venturing off to Yuma.

  10. Until Rene told me, I didn't know you folks had a blog, but I now see that you've been pretty busy here in Gold Canyon. It seems everytime we walked by your site you were gone gallivanting. Have fun in your travels, and if we don't see you before you go, hopefully we'll track you down next year.
    Rod and Sylvia, site 406.

  11. Happy Birthday Teresa. You're only as old as you feel so fifty is just a number. Enjoy your birthday and have fun.


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