Friday, February 8, 2013

Travel Day to Yuma

Teresa and I were awake fairly early, which was a good thing, because after three months in one spot, we were slow getting ready.

Eventually, and with enough persistence, we were ready to roll.

Ed and Marilyn, as well as Henry and Pam, walked over to our park for final hugs and best wishes.  Such great friends.

We also said goodbye to Rene, and neighbours Bob and Carol.

The drive to Yuma went very well, the only negative is we were driving into a headwind the whole way.

Just as we were setting up in our new park, Westwind RV and Golf Resort, Bob and Janet phoned and asked if we would like to join them for supper.

Of course we would, but we just need to do a couple of things before we go.

Unfortunately, I had some issues with the electrical pedestal, and by the time we got to Da Boyz pizza, we had made our friends wait for nearly thirty minutes.  Sorry guys !!

Back at our rig, we settled in some more, and relaxed with the cable  TV the park provides.

We are going to be here for the next nine days, and hope to see what Yuma has to offer.


  1. If you like to snack, there's always Martha's Garden Date farm, and The Peanut Patch.

  2. Why Yuma? Just me being honest here. Sorry to all who love Yuma but one week in our life is enough. I guess Mexico has spoilt us.

  3. Enjoy the area, so much to see and do there. The Arizona Market Place is a great large Fleamarket. And Los Algodones Mexico just to name a few.
    Have fun!

  4. Hope you guys have fun, look forward to hearing about your Yuma adventures!

  5. I have to agree with Contessa.....yikes! Let's see what you CAN find that is of interest...... Los Algodones? Be ready with the 'No gracias!' High pressure sales like no other!


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