Saturday, February 9, 2013

Surprise Visit Today

Even though it was kind of chilly this morning, Teresa and I decided to lace up our sneakers and get some exercise this morning.

After a travel day of just sitting on our butts, it felt pretty good to get moving again.

We walked for about an hour in our park, and never even saw it all.

One thing we quickly noticed was that the majority of the folks staying here are from Canada.

After lunch, Teresa got busy dusting and cleaning the rig, which was my cue to make myself scarce.

I checked out an RV supply store, and the local Walmart, before making my way home.

Pulling up to our site, I noticed Teresa sitting outside visiting with a couple.

It didn't take long for me to recognize this great looking couple as Lloyd and Lorna, friends from back home.

These friends have been to Yuma numerous times before, and had great advice for us.

It was cool enough that we all needed sweaters, but that did not stop us from enjoying a refreshing beer in the sunshine.

All too soon, they had to say goodbye, but we sure were glad they popped in and brightened our day!!

Tomorrow we have plans with Bob and Janet, then on Tuesday, Ed and Marilyn will be here, so as you can see, our days are filling up.


  1. Well you haven't missed much here, weather wise. It rained overnight, last night, and it was cool today. We found another activity and headed to Globe then on to Roosevelt Dam. The best part was hiking to and visiting the cliff caves.

  2. Sounds like you are having fun...enjoy!

  3. So much to see and do in that area, have fun!

  4. Can you believe how many friends you have made all over the place?

  5. With the lack of sun here in central Pennsylvania, I'm seriously considering being a snowbird before too long. Enjoy yourselves!


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