Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Up on the roof

Today was another wonderful weather day.

It must be easy to be a weather forecaster here in Arizona.

Everyday is mid 70's, sunny, with no chance of rain.

Teresa and I had another long walk through the resort, and stumbled upon another open house.

We toured some coach houses, where you can park your RV in a covered port, with an attached house.

There were some very nice houses, but not something we are interested in just yet.

Still, we had a hot dog lunch, including wine and beer, and a great singer provided some fun entertainment.

Those are the Superstition Mountains

Later in the afternoon, Teresa headed off to the laundromat while I scurried up on our roof.

I noticed that some of the caulking was getting kind of old and brittle, so I decided to tackle part of the chore of scraping out all the old stuff, in order to reseal the seams with new caulking.

Teresa came home, just as I was coming down the ladder, as I had enough fun for one day.

She mentioned that this laundry room was the cleanest and largest she had seen to date.

Hopefully, tomorrow if I get the roof resealed, we can venture outside of this nice resort.


  1. AH the work day. Guess those are needed once in the while.
    I'm heading off to Tombstone Territorie on the 15th. YAY!

  2. Yes Arizona's blue skies, sunshine and no rain hard to take. A little maintenance goes a long way with you coach. Have fun sightseeing.

  3. You aren't ready for that type of living, so much to see and do on the road. Maybe in 40 years!

  4. loving that arizona sky might just have to venture down there next winter :)...we're thinking of removing all the caulking on our coach once (and for all) and replacing it with etrnabond....(once and for all)...have fun!!!! Like C I'm not sure you two are ready to settle down...but it never hurts to look and be prepared!!


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