Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Scouting out Apache Junction

This morning after our coffee time, Teresa suggested we start going for some brisk walks, to help with our tight fitting clothes.

This resort is quite large, and it takes a little over 20 minutes to walk the perimeter, which we did twice. 

After that 40 minute workout, we grabbed another coffee each, and relaxed in our favorite loungers on our patio. 

We decided we needed to buy a few things, so we headed out after lunch.

I think we probably stopped at a half dozen or so stores, and we never got home until supper.

One of our best purchases, was a digital antenna for "over the air" TV.  The park we are in does not have cable for anything less than a monthly stay.

I was very skeptical that an antenna would work for us, since we are in a rural area.

Imagine my surprise when we discovered we could get nearly 30 channels, in brilliant digital quality.  Amazing ...

Now, if only there was something good to watch ... lol.


  1. Our antenna works pretty good too most places, but we do prefer our satellite dish, then we have dvds and vhs tapes too if need be. We have way more tv than we need. Enjoy!

  2. What kind of antenna did you get? I need something to bring in more channels. :)

  3. Yes what did you buy? I have one of those little box thing but on my last trip I didn't hook it up. Was going to watch DVDs but I couldn't get the laptop to work for some reason.
    TTRV Park have cable?
    Missing you guys.

  4. we carry our sat dish setup...from home everywhere..purchase a dish for 50.00 then just take a receiver from two are always out scouting around..:) glad the antenna is working for you!!!


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