Monday, February 27, 2012

Desert Hot Springs, Ca

Just our luck, there were wind warnings out today, for our drive west to California.

Fortunately, by keeping our speed down, we managed to safely arrive here at the Sands park.

It is still windy, with the odd shower, so we pretty much stayed inside the rig, organizing for our stay here.

We are hoping to take in a few hikes, and Teresa is pretty excited about shopping in Palm Springs, so I think the time is going to fly by pretty quick.


  1. Enjoy the area, lots to see and do for sure.

  2. Yes the winds were blowing pretty good as I drove out here to TTRVP. Looks like everything is as you say. I really like it so far. Hope today we get to go to Tombstone and walk around. I love the place.
    Looks like you are in a nice place in CA.

  3. I am amazed at how much country you are covering. When you get back you will have to do an analysis of favorite areas and the whys.

  4. We're off to Temecula this morning but hope to catch up with you soon. Too bad the weather has cooled off for a few days. It's supposed to get back to normal starting tomorrow!


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