Friday, February 24, 2012

Craving Pizza

When Teresa and I woke up this morning, we wiggled our toes, moved our arms, and stretched our backs and legs, to see if we had any soreness from yesterday's hike.

Nothing too serious ... Yeah !!

We really didn't do too much today, but read and relax.

Teresa has been craving pizza for a long time now, so she asked Dave and Lise about pizza shops, and they recommended Barro's.

They also said that Friday was sometimes pizza night for them, so Teresa quickly put "two-plus-two" together, and came up with a plan for a pizza supper tonight.

We picked up our friends, and made the short drive to Barro's. 

All three of us waited and held our breath, as Teresa took her first bite.  The big smile on her face left us all relieved, and the conversation took off again.

Once again, we peppered our pals with questions and asked their advice on a variety of topics relating to RV'ing as Canadians.

I sure hope they will miss us, as much as we will miss them ... lol.


  1. Well that was a good sign that you had no pain today. You two are real troopers.
    So Teresa is the pizza expert hey. Glad she gave it her approval and everyone enjoyed it.

  2. Nothing quite like a good pizza, and after making hundreds of pizzas a week for ten years, I still appreciate a good pie every once in a while. Glad you enjoyed.

  3. Yay, just put our house up for sale yesterday. Here is the link.

    Let me know what you two think? Pretty soon we shall be joining you full time RVing. Might not be down south for this winter, but next year for sure. Glad you both are having so much fun.
    Dale & Cindy

  4. 'sigh' now I'm craving pizza and its bed time....


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