Monday, February 6, 2012

The Melting Pot

We have a new favourite restaurant !!

It is called the Melting Pot, and our daughter insisted that we give it a try.

Jackpot !!

This is a very classy fondue style restaurant.  Because we had no idea of what to order, we relied heavily on our superb waiter Sean for advice.

He was great, and guided us to culinary perfection ... lol.

We were celebrating Teresa's birthday from yesterday, and she could not have been happier. 

By the way, Teresa is a softy, and she was very touched by all the emails and comments that she received on her special day.

Everything about our meal was perfect, and the melted chocolate dessert lingered on our lips for the entire drive home.

We recommend everyone try this great place, and we suggest you do not eat anything else the entire day before your meal.

You will leave very, very satisfied !!


  1. Thanks for the heads up ...... LOVE fondue - my girl friends and I used to have fondue parties as a girls night! Glad you had a great time and a great meal for the birthday girl!

  2. Oh, I LOVE fondue, but haven't been in a fondue restaurant for years and years. That place sounds wonderful - I'm glad it was such a success for Teresa's birthday dinner. :)

  3. Sounds like a great place to go and celebrate Teresa's birthday, just love fondues!

  4. Yes like Barbara said it has been years and years. I wonder why they don't have them like they used to. Always lots of people in them. Well at least it was a great treat for Teresa's Bithday.

  5. Thanks for the restaurant tip! Your photo looks great!

  6. HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY TERESA!!!! and it looks like you have another new favorite restaurant. We sat on those very bar stools at Tortilla Flats and isn't that mesa market huge. We went twice and still never got all the way through it.
    You two look great and happy!!!
    Love Auntie Pat and Uncle Dennis


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