Friday, February 17, 2012

Another Day at the Community of Province, Maricopa

After spending a few hours looking at floor plans, we went back to Province in Maricopa, to look around and get a better feel for the place.

They have 125 acres of green space and 50 acres of lakes.  It really feels like a resort.

Literally everyone we talked to, could not say enough about how much they loved this gated community.

We just walked around a small portion of the 5 miles of walking paths, and could not stop smiling.

The outside pool is over 5000 square feet.

The inside pool is 25 meters long, for swimming laps.

The fitness center is second to none.  Each treadmill and elliptical has it's own TV.

The resident's here seem very active and love the outdoors as well.

After touring the Village Center and grounds, we went back to the model homes.

These homes are built by Meritage, which have been in business for over 25 years, and specialize in energy efficiency.  You can even order a solar package, reducing your electric bill to near zero.

If I sound a little excited, I guess it is because I am.

By the time we were finished touring the homes, it was 4 pm, and happy hour was under way at the courtyard.

The drinks were $2.00 each, with free appetizers ordered in from a local caterer.  All the while, a live band was entertaining us under the Arizona sun.

Teresa and I got to talk to many residents there, who were very friendly and upfront about life in Paradise Province.

Now a lot of friends and readers have been asking why we are looking at houses already, our first year out.

We are not sure how to answer that except to say that these houses are no more expensive than a new motorhome, and we are thinking in terms of an investment.

Time will tell !!


  1. Good luck driving one of them homes from state to state unless you are already finished with winter rv'ing after just a couple of months? I would buy a new rig in a minute myself but each to their own.

  2. Good luck whatever your decision, after six years fulltime, we love to keep moving and have no intentions of settling down until we have to. But again each to their own. Very nice but a little too fancy for us.

  3. Arizona has a lot of great real estate to offer. You should look at Tucson residential real estate too; there are a lot of areas around Tucson with great communities. My family is looking in the Marana area which is between Tucson and Phoenix, and I think a little more South of Maricopa. There is a lot of luxury real estate in the Dove Mountain community; our top choice right now is The Residences at The Ritz-Carlton, Dove Mountain. Hopefully my parents find a place because like you I love visiting Arizona. Good luck to you!

  4. Hi Teresa and Trent,
    Wow!!! That community of Maricopa looks unbelievably beautiful. I am so glad you two are running into so many options for your next year's snow bird winter. Maybe too many!!!! Every place you have travelled looks like a great place to winter whether you are stationary or on the move.


  5. Hi Trent and Teresa:
    I have been following your blog since you were in the RGV. My wife and I are from Sask. Outlook and Kerrobert we now live in southern Ontario and have a fifth wheel. We are in the same position as you we both are retired and spend some time in the RV south of the border. I was wondering what the average price of the houses are in Maricopa? Anyway keep up the blog as it is very interesting to read about people in the same situation as we are.

    Kim and Denise Edmonds

  6. We purchased a new 5th wheel last fall with the idea of going south with it when we retire ....but we ended up touring Province in March and bought a home. We maybe acted quickly but fell in love with the place, prices felt right and we both felt that we liked the familiarity that comes with ownership. We also feel that it will be a graet gathering place for the kids during the winters i Manitoba


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