Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Lousy weather, so let's shop !!

The weather really did not cooperate for our first full day in California.

It was cold and windy. 

If you look past these wind turbines, you can see a light dusting of snow on the surrounding mountains.

Since the weather was not conducive to being outside, Teresa suggested we hit the outlet mall.

I figured if I had to spend the day shopping, it might as well be a miserable day.

We made it to the mall around noon, and did not leave until almost supper.

Teresa scored big time, with three leather jackets, a pair of pants, and a very cute blouse.

Not to be outdone, I picked up a pair of jeans, and a nice hiking shirt.

File this under coincidental.  We met two people we knew from Regina while shopping here.  Small world, huh ??

On the way home, we still had to get a few things from Walmart, so we just grabbed a deli cooked chicken and headed for home.

Hopefully the weather will improve, or my check book is not going to balance !!


  1. Wow Teresa sure like's to shop. Where are you going to put all those clothes in that tiny rv? Can't remember when the last time was we went clothes shopping, its been years. But you did get out to see a bit of the city.

  2. Or you will totally run out of room to store all the "bargains"! This is Norma's problem.

  3. I was wondering the same thing. Where are you stuffing all those great buys. You might have to start sleeping in the car. Or maybe buy a Class A with a wall of closets. :) Well isn't what life is all about now FUN!!

  4. I love shopping!!!! What a great way to pass the time... :)

    Maybe have to start shopping for a larger motorhome to fit all the great bargains!



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