Thursday, February 23, 2012

Hiking with Friends

A few days ago when our friends, Dave and Lise, asked us if we would like to go for a hike with them today, we jumped at the chance.

They are both experienced hikers, and have been hiking these parts for the last five years, so we felt very fortunate to be asked to go along.

But, first, Teresa needed new hiking boots.  Our friends gave us a few tips for choosing a pair of boots, and we found a great deal at a local sporting goods shop.

So, yesterday, we were both tromping around our campsite, breaking in our new boots.

Because the forecast was for hot weather today, we got a fairly early start.  Teresa and I even had to set the alarm clock, and we chuckled to ourselves this morning, saying how thankful we are that we don't wake up to that disturbing noise every morning.

After a short drive, we were at the trail head for the Lost Goldmine Trail.

Our fearless leader, Dave, took the lead and Teresa chose to be the last in line, so she could take photos and document our climb !

With the excessive heat, and with Dave feeling sorry for us, we had a lot of breaks for water and photos.

We just could not get over the fact that here we are in February, wearing shorts and basking in the sun.

At the end of this trail, we were rewarded with some awesome views, and some petroglyphs on the rock walls.

After begging asking Dave to have mercy on us, we sat down for some munchies and a drink of water. 

Once it looked like we were going to survive, our fearless leader declared our break was over, and it was time for our decent.

Back at the parking lot, Teresa and I were bemoaning the fact that we never had time for our coffee this morning, so again, our friends took pity on us, and we all went to Paradise Bakery for some snacks, and the best coffee we have had in a long time.

Once home, Teresa and I enjoyed some cold beverages in the shade, and gave thanks for the opportunity to be living this lifestyle.


  1. Yes it is an awesome lifestyle for sure, glad you enjoyed!

  2. looks like you had a great hike...sure wish I had your energy level..hummm would it help if we partook of a pot of coffee first thing in the morning while still in bed? Maybe we should try that :)

  3. What a great day. I guess you didn't fine any lost gold.
    Yes you are living the good life as shoeless joe calls it.
    But how do you feel today? Hope not to bad. Boots were a good thing Teresa

  4. Well done! Hopefully today you can just relax those tootsies!


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