Saturday, February 25, 2012

Craving Fuddruckers

After a late start, we got ourselves organized and headed to an outlet mall for a little shopping.

We managed to find a few good deals, and picked up a few items for me, but Teresa walked away empty-handed.

Not to worry, we have plans to hit a large outlet mall near Palm Springs in the near future ... lol.

Of course, all that shopping makes a couple of snowbirds hungry, and Teresa has been craving a burger from Fuddruckers for quite awhile now.

Oh, boy, they were as satisfying as we had hoped for.  Since the store in Regina closed down many years ago, we try to find one whenever we travel.

Hmmm ... Teresa is sure having a lot of cravings lately. 

I sure hope the stork isn't going to be visiting us in the next few months ... gulp !


  1. Oh but the stork is coming in a few months ;)

  2. Too much coffee in bed!

  3. UH I don't think I will say anything.
    I didn't know there was a Funddruckers around here, are you still in AZ.?

  4. I think there's still a Fuddrucker's in Edmonton, not sure of that though.
    Good burgers for sure, good find!

    I'm kinda hungry now, thanks for not posting pics of your food, would crave more then!

    Stork = reason to get a bigger motorhome!

  5. I think you need to get out of bed just a bit earlier:)

  6. hahahahah @ Contessa....sure is alot of cravings going around your rig..hummm


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