Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Waiting for better weather

We have a few things we would like to do while visiting this area of California.

One of them is to visit with some folks who are also staying at the Sands, and another is to try out some of the great hiking in this area.

With the cooler temps, and high winds, we decided to hold off on that, and do a few errands instead.

We picked up a few groceries we had forgotten from yesterday, gassed up the car, and treated ourselves to a mocha coffee.

In the late afternoon, Teresa decided to do some laundry, and had a great visit with some ladies from Canada.

The sun sets pretty early here, because of the mountain range to the west of us.

We are huge Survivor fans, so that will be our evening entertainment.

Not very exciting, but still a great day !!


  1. Anyday, upright and breathing, away from the cold Canadian winters is exciting for us. Just love the area there. Hopefully you will get better weather soon.

  2. Sorry about the weather your having. It will clear up soon. Or you could go shopping again you might have missed something special. JK people watching can be fun.

    I have decided to stay another day here. I just wish I had a car so I can go to the ghost towns and take some pictures. My friends are leaving today. It's supposed to get windy today but I really don't care. You know me.

  3. This year's survivor is a little strange. But at least they are trying to change it up.
    Sucks about the weather, we just had a cold snap here and heading into Chinook weather this weekend.
    But still colder than you!
    Just keeping to home to recover over here.
    Who are you visiting with at the Sands?

  4. Hi Teresa & Trent,
    Desert Springs sounds so beautiful which I am sure it is. Hope the weather gets better for you two. You have had lots of nice weather on your travels.
    Enjoy CALIFORNIA!!!!
    Uncle Dennis & Auntie Pat


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