Thursday, March 1, 2012

Meeting a Popular Blogger, and the Palm Springs Villagefest

The winds were relentless overnight and into today as well.

Folks are telling us that it was calm until we got here ... figures.

One of the reasons we decided to stay at this park, was because a very popular RV blogger winters here.

It was great finally meeting half of  Rick and Paulette .  Paulette was off with some friends, shopping for quilting supplies.

We had a great visit with Rick and their two adorable pups, Molly and Rylie. 

We are hoping to maybe go out for a meal with them, so we can meet the better half of this dynamic duo !!

Now one of the things Rick said we might be interested in was the Palm Springs Villagefest, held on Thursday night only.

Are we ever glad he did, because we had a great time tonight.  They barricade off a few blocks in the heart of Palm Springs, and vendors set up on the streets, offering a wide variety of goods for sale.

When we left Desert Hot Springs, it was so windy, we had to shout to be heard, and the sand was drifting across the road.

Palm Springs is tucked in behind a mountain range, less than 20 minutes away from here, and there was no wind, in fact not even a breeze.  Our napkins did not budge off the table when we grabbed a snack at the street fair.

Imagine my surprise when someone called out my name, and there was a former co-worker of mine.  This is now the third time we have bumped into someone from Regina in this area.

Although the photos don't show it, this place was jam packed with people taking in the sights, and the food, and the entertainment.

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, and we have Rick to thank for this great tip !


  1. Always nice to meet fellow bloggers and great that you got to the street fair, always a fun time. On the weekend I think you would enjoy the college of the desert street fair, then afterwards continue on Monterey for a bit and up into the hills for a fantanstic view of the valley.

  2. It was great to meet you both yesterday and Paulette is really looking forward to getting together as well. It looks like the winds here are going to continue until midnight tonight then tomorrow promises to be back to normal - I sure hope so!

    Glad you enjoyed the street fair downtown.

  3. Nice to see you got to meet up with Rick, and that you enjoyed the street fair. Enjoy your stay in Desert Hot Springs and the Sands.

  4. Looks awesome there, great to meet Rick for sure! He's great with technical stuff too on your computer :)

  5. I love street fairs. Never went to one held at night.
    Wind and more Wind it seems to be everywhere. I was braving it today to come home. I almost turned around and went back TT, but it died down enough to get me home and then it hit here too.
    Hope it goes away for all of us.


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