Saturday, March 17, 2012

Las Vegas - A day on the Strip

Last night was not the greatest for sleeping. 

We had quite a few young folks in our campground hootin' and hollerin' all night.

Add sirens from the strip, and car alarms, and you have two tired RV'ers this morning.

Oh well, this is Vegas right ?? 

Let's go have fun, and walk the strip.

We started out with pretty high expectations, and big smiles on our faces.

We felt a little uncomfortable, with a few patrons, having just a little too much fun, and shouting at people walking by.

With a combination of Spring Break, and St. Patrick's Day, the streets were packed, making walking difficult.

We popped in and out of a few shops, and noticed immediately how expensive everything is here.

We were hoping to take in a couple of shows later, so we priced a few things out. 

Whoops, that's a lot of money for a few hours of entertainment.

And, we were totally unprepared for the street vendors that are very aggressive while handing out cards of scantily clad ladies, enticing you to visit their XXX shows.

We walked through a few of the casinos, but we are not gamblers, so we felt out of place.

We wanted to visit Margarita Ville, or the Hard Rock Cafe, but the lineups were way too long.

In fact the only place that did not have a lineup was good old McDonald's.

It was about this time, that it started to sprinkle out.  Oh, oh, we were pretty far down the strip, so let's head back.

Now remember, the crowds were thick as flies, so it was impossible to move too fast.

As the rain started getting heavier, we picked up the pace.  By the time we got back to the rig, we were pretty wet.

Okay, we know what everyone must be thinking ... Hey, TnT, what the heck did you expect ?

Well, to be honest, we did not know what to expect, but suffice it to say we were totally out of our element today, and Vegas is now on the "been there, done that" list.

We must be getting old, because we sure saw lots of evidence of young people having the time of their lives.

We are going to see the Fremont Street Experience tomorrow or the next day, so we still have some fun ahead of us.

But for now, this boring old couple better get to bed !!


  1. Judy and I stayed at an RV Park off the strip, so about the only thing different was, we got to sleep! Vegas never sleeps!

  2. Look for discount show tickets. I don't know the name of it but I know one of the offices is located in front of the big coke bottle near the MGM. There are many show ticket offices thru out the area. Check it out.

  3. Eat at the buffets in Vegas. They are priced pretty nice and Circus Circus has lunch and supper buffets. Most of the casino's have them and usually really good food. Check it out. Too bad that it's spring break or you would probably have a lot more fun. When you go to the old Strip be careful as to how far off the old strip you go as pretty rough people outside of the old strip. We were ok when we went but there was 6 of us riding harleys and suffice to say people were pretty polite to us lol.
    Also if you go to the money exchange and not the casino they usually have all sorts of discount coupons.
    Dale & Cindy

  4. Been there and done that....really don't need to go back again.

  5. Great blog. You really should take in a Vegas show. Pricey yes but over the top for sure. TKTS is the name of the spot to get reduced priced fares. I recommend The Beatles Love by Cirque. Captivating and memorable.The Bellagio puts on a great water show. In the evening they are about every 15 minutes apart so you can stand there for as long as you want til about Midnight. Very entertaining.
    Bev in NS Canada

  6. Where did you eat? You didn't see any of the free shows? Would you be gamblers if the casino gave you some free money to play with? All you have to do is sign up for their players club and some casinos will give you $5 or $10 to play with for free. You can get 2 for 1 coupons for a lot of the buffets. Main Street Station Garden Buffet. Go for a late breakfast at 10:00am and pay the breakfast price. At 10:30am they start putting out the lunch stuff so you get to take advantage of that at the breakfast price. If you have a coupon, it'll only cost you $6.99 for the two of you! Send me an email and I'll find you a website to get the coupon from. Then you don't need to eat again until dinner. Free evening shows include the Bellagio Fountains, the Mirage Volcano, the Show in the Sky at the Rio, and the Sirens of Treasure Island.

    Some hotels also supply free transportation between resorts. You can go from Mandalay Bay to Luxor to Excalibur or Monte Carlo to Bellagio to CityCenter or Mirage to Treasure Island.

    Anyhow, this is how we are going to do Vegas next week. Never been there yet, so hoping you provide more detail in your next post.

  7. We stayed just off the strip a few years ago, reasonable priced campsite for two nights included a free buffet and free shuttles if we wanted, but found lots of free parking at the casinos. Like you said been there done that.
    After that we found Laughlin much more fun.

  8. When we were in Vegas (my 10 year old son and I), we were accosted by the street vendors too. I just flashed them a look like "you are kidding? He's 10!"
    You have to get on line and check out deals for the shows. (see Kevin's post above).

    We also took in cheaper entertainment that way.

    SD really liked Popvich Pet Comedy show

    To get to Freemont street, get on the Bus. That's the easiest way to go there. U can buy a ticket and get on at any stop along the strip. It's about a 10 minute drive. And you can take your drink on the bus (yes we were shocked too, coming from canada and not being able to drink anywhere else but the bar or home!)
    Oh and you have to check their monorail system if you can. It's kinda neat!

    The stratosphere is expensive, but worth the price of getting some great pictures if you feel inclined. But take a cab or the bus there (or monorail), it's a seedy area of town. Be careful not to walk around there too much.

    Sucks about the "camping", I would be a little further out, for a price like that I would want to sleep!!!


  9. We have done Vegas many many times but always travelled there by air, not our RV. We have enjoyed the city, the shows, the shopping, the energy of the strip but now we are happy to just putter along in our rig. Guess we are just more laid back with age!!

  10. You will enjoy the Fremont Street Experience, we sure did. Also if you are fans of the show Pawn Stars, you should drop by the Pawn Shop. We met Chumley when we were there. The Old Man was in the back but he didn't come out front while we were there. Have fun, and do some side trips if you are not into the Vegas thing...take a bus tour to the Hoover Dam or a helicopter ride to the Grand Canyon.. that's what we did.

  11. never been to Las Vegas..and after your description?..not too sure I want to?..Vegas is the city that never sleeps!

  12. I'm way too frugal at this point in my life to gamble away my money or pay a fortune to see a show, but I like the less expensive buffets, nickel slots and accompanying free drinks, and people watching. Free shows, too, if I can find them.

    But if it's way too crowded, nothing is much fun, and sure not worth fighting crowds and waiting in long lines.

    I think you were there on an especially busy day, and might actually enjoy the town during slower periods. Even Disneyland isn't any fun if it's too crowded and you can't enjoy the things you want to see. I've been there when they closed the entrance gates, we could hardly walk in the crowds, and the lines for the rides weren't worth the wait. Sounds kinda like your Vegas day.

  13. Make sure you see the light show at Freemont street starting around 7:00 each evening. it is fabulous. The show the Treasure Island puts on in the evening with the ships fighting is fun to watch. The Vulcano at the Mirage, the water show at Belligo and some of the statues in Ceasars Palace come to life. All free and neat things to see.

  14. I am so glad you and Teresa are having a great time! I had to giggle when you mention the cards they hand out at every street corner but its weird how they are always cleaned up the next moring.. (wish I had their printning contract $$$ Joe and I just got back from Hawaii (we won a trip there) and now head to Los Cabos in 8 days! Tell Teresa I miss our Wednesday morning little meetings and safe travels to you two.



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