Friday, March 2, 2012

Meeting more RV'ers at the Sands

It was a typical start to the day. 

First one up ( Teresa this morning ) jumps out of bed, turns on the coffee pot and water heater, then leaps back into bed, until the luring aroma of freshly brewed coffee opens our eyes.

At this point, one of us will pour coffees, while the other one selects a soft cd to listen to.  With pillows propped up in bed, we discuss a variety of issues, usually involving family or RV travel.

This usually carries on for at least an hour, and sometimes longer.

Now you can see why we just can't make any commitments, before noon !

Today was very relaxing and quiet.  Teresa was doing a little house cleaning, and I walked over to the recycling bins in the resort.

Just then, I noticed Rick with his two pups.  We started talking, and I ended up watching the pups romp around in the dog park.

This is a great little park, that made me wish I had a dog to play with in the manicured grass and pond.

On the way back to our rigs, Rick introduced me to Tom and his wife Jennifer, who in turn invited us to their rig for a little gathering they were hosting.

We met at least another dozen wonderful people, who made us feel very welcome.

 We can see how these communities become a sort of extended family for returning snowbirds. 

We had a great time, and we finally got to meet Paulette as well. 

After Rick linked our blog from his post yesterday, I was shocked to see we had gained another 13 readers.  I knew he was popular !

Now, just imagine how many more we would have gained if Paulette would have linked us from her quilting blog !!

A big welcome to all who have decided to check in on these two snowbirds.


  1. We've been doing that morning coffee in bed routine for...well, too many years to remember. It's much more relaxed though when a person doesn't have to then get up and go off to work.
    Folks are looking somewhat "bundled up" at the gathering. I think I'd need more heat, but your mileage may vary.
    Have fun.

  2. Where are your blog links?

  3. It is actually less propane to keep your RV propane on then it is to reheat the water each day. You aren't saving propane, you are actually using more. Check it out but if I were you guys I would leave the propane on. As long as you have a gas detector you will be fine leaving your water heater on.

  4. You sure are enjoying your stay. How could people not love you guys? Whats not to love.

  5. OK, I've been lurking for some time now and I "think" I found you both via "The Good Luck Duck" blog, but I'm not sure.

    I'm "anxiously" awaiting my retirement to begin after I finish this school year teaching on May 23rd. (Retirement is official July 1st.) I plan to start my travels in my "old but trusty" Toyota Dolphin, but I'm actively looking for a good used Class A Safari Trek.

    I love to read about you making coffee in the morning and then having quiet time to talk with each other. I guess I'll have to put that "quality" on my list of things to search for in a guy! ;-)

    I like the new blog header. I'm sorry I didn't find your blog sooner as you passed through Las Cruces some time ago.

    Take care and keep having fun!


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