Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Blogger Buddies - John and Judy

The incredible weather just continues in Palm Springs.

Everyday this past week has been hot and sunny.

Our highlight of the day was hosting John and Judy for lunch today.

John is a great writer and has a real sense of humor.  You can check their blog out here  RV Life on Wheels

Teresa prepared a great meal of fresh buns, assorted cold cuts, salads, and of course pickles and cheese.

John and Judy very thoughtfully brought a bottle of lovely wine !

We had a great time visiting and comparing travel notes.  These two are fulltimers, and show no sign of slowing down.

Their love for this lifestyle is contagious, and it doesn't take long after listening to them, to want to go fulltime yourself !!

After lunch, we all jumped into our car for a tour of this magnificent resort.

I think they appreciated the beauty of this place, as much as we do.

It was about that time I came up with a great idea. 

I offered to go in halves on a lot with them.  They could have it for the summer months, and Teresa and I would use it for the winter months.

I think I had John convinced, but Judy is pretty shrewd and put the brakes on that idea .... darn.

We promised to keep in touch, and with hugs they were on their way to new adventures.

Safe travels John and Judy !!


  1. Well you gotta laugh about how similar your blogs are! lol Boy John and Judy got some great pics of the resort - you've been holding out on us TnT! All those flowers! I can't BELIEVE you haven't been in that pool!

    :) T

  2. nice to meet more fellow bloggers!..and Canadians, too!!

  3. Another nice day in the sun with fellow Bloggers.

  4. Going in halves is a great idea! You could go 4 months there, 4 months away, rotating around the year. Summers might be too hot, yes? Anyway, sounds like a fun day, and always nice to meet up with fellow bloggers. :)

  5. nice that you got to meetup with John and Judy...looks like you had a super visit...

  6. Looked like a great afternoon with John and Judy nice to see you met up.

  7. Now you are going from couple to couple rather than city to city. Keep having fun!


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