Saturday, March 10, 2012


What the heck is ORPS ??

The view from our street

It is the acronym for Outdoor Resort Palm Springs, and I can tell you we are LOVING this place !!

The sign says it all

We have been here four days, and have not left the resort yet.

24 hour security

Today was the ice cream social.  They offered every type of topping you could imagine, and everyone enjoyed it immensely.

So far, we have enjoyed the espresso bar, the restaurant, and the ice cream social, yet we haven't used the pool, fitness center, nor tennis courts.  

Hmmm .... what is wrong with this picture.

We were also looking forward to this day for another reason.  There is a couple here that we keep running into, and we felt an instant connection with them.

Tom and Jane invited us over to their place for appies and cocktails, and a chance to visit more.

Jane and Tom

We had an absolute blast.  Jane is an amazing host, and Tom's quick wit had us laughing throughout the evening.

Enjoying time in their beautiful lot

It was very obvious that they treasure friends and family, and we felt privileged to be invited into their lives.

When the sun set, Tom lit the propane fire pit to take the chill off.  We have to get one of these !!

Still in short sleeves, thanks to the fire pit

We couldn't believe we visited for over four hours !! 

We apologized for staying so late, but the time flew by, and we still had more to talk about.  Next time, I guess, at our place.

As we were parting ways, we met more neighbours of Tom and Jane's and everyone went out of their way to make us feel welcome.

Can you tell, we LOVE this place !!


  1. It sounds like an awful place and no you aren't having any fun at all! LOL :)

    You are driving the rest of us crazy with all that yummy food - soon I'll have to round up some coffee, cinnamon buns and ice cream for myself - all in one sitting!

  2. Are you sure your having a good time? Really?
    I can't tell at all. :)

  3. Goodtimes everywhere you go is the way its supposed to be right? WE havde a propane fire pit as well and just love it!

  4. so glad you are having fun!!! could you not?

  5. Hi Trent and Teresa... we have been trying to get in touch with you but do not seem to have your email address... we would love to come over and visit you, if you want to pick a time that is good for you, we can arrange it. Our agenda is very open this week coming! Talk to you soon!


  6. Hi Teresa and Trent,

    Yes, we can tell you love this place!!!!! We can see why. The pics of the resort are absolutely beautiful and the people seem equally as lovely.

    Don't need to worry about you two having a great time........we can tell you are as the pics tell it all.
    Lots of Love
    Auntie Pat & Uncle Dennis

  7. It appears that you two are enjoying yourselves as much as ever - beautiful sites and gorgeous places to stay. It was so good to see you although shorter than we would have liked.
    All the best
    Lloyd & Lorna


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