Monday, March 19, 2012

Trader Joe's - Last visit this year ?

With all the walking we have done the last few days, we literally hit the pillows sleeping.

Plus, with the much cooler weather, our RV park on the strip is considerably quieter.

We were too pooped to party today, so we spent time discussing our trip home and which roads to take.

Somehow the subject got onto how much food we have left, and then we remembered there is a Trader Joe's near us.

Okay, let's go !!

Teresa carefully bought just enough food to take us back to Canada, so we will hopefully have an easier border crossing.

Plus, we are on our last alcohol beverages, so we won't be over on that limit either.

We are starting our trek home in earnest tomorrow, and watching all the different weather reports.

Safe travels to all snowbirds heading home in the next few weeks.


  1. Safe travels - keep us updated as you can!!!!

  2. Safe travels TnT... stay out of the snow! We are watching!

  3. safe travels as you continue the way as for the alcohol on board?..if it is open and purchased in the can claim it as part of your allowable purchases..only unopened is for the liquor limit..

  4. Weather is gorgeous here so you shouldnt have a problem heading home. I would take the I15 straight up thru to Alberta crossing by Lethrbridge and then head straight home thru number one. Border crossing is called Sweetgrass. Have a safe trip home. Enjoy beautiful Utah as well as you go thru that state. Gorgeous Red Rock.

    Dale & Cindy

  5. I was so happy to follow your travels and also to meet you both. Have a safe trip back to Canada and I hope we cross paths again in the future. :)

  6. Safe travels our friends, hope to see you in Arizona next winter.

  7. That was a quick, fun winter tour, safe travels. Hope you miss that snow up north.

  8. Travel safe folks....sounds like theres good weather awaiting us all on the other end...

  9. Sure seems like the Snowbird season past so quickly. We enjoyed reading about your adventures this year. Won't be long till you will be enjoying a Timmies again. Wishing you both safe travels.

  10. Note to self......visit Trader Joe's.

    Safe travels.

  11. Geez, I haven't been in a Trader Joes for a long time. Wish there was one near Quartzsite!

    Travel safe, and enjoy your trip homeward. :)

  12. Glad to hear things are settling down, you have to come home already? Didn't you just leave?
    Hard to believe it's time already!

    I don't think I could do the snowbird thing, I hate deadlines!!!


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