Friday, March 9, 2012

Teresa gets her cinnamon buns

After missing the freshly made cinnamon buns yesterday, I wasn't taking any chances in disappointing my bride again.

We quickly gulped down our first cup of coffee, then I threw on some clothes and a cap, and headed to the cafe.

Yes, success.  Teresa was all smiles !

We enjoyed our baked goods with the rest of the coffee pot while sitting outside on our patio.

It was in the 80's today, as we walked around the resort, and spent time visiting with neighbours.

A lot of folks just leave a fifth wheel rig in place

We shared our favorite cocktails together before supper, when it cooled down, and returned inside our rig.

Oh, ya, remember when I ate what I thought was an orange.

Well, it turns out they are Meyer lemons, and people in the park make lemonade out of them.

When life hands you lemons, make lemonade

I got on the internet, and found some great recipes.  These lemons are as easy to peel as mandarin oranges, and they release their juice so easily, it can be done by hand.

I then added more water, and some sugar, and we were thrilled with the results.  Hmmm, very very good !!

Every morning, I have been enjoying a grapefruit, and now I have a tasty beverage to share with my gal in the heat of the day !!


  1. I made my own cinnamon buns today!...just for you two!!.. I am sure your's were better than mine!!

  2. There ya go gotta get there early, now all is good, enjoy the sunshine.

  3. Man, you are one lucky dude! Thanks for writing a great blog so we can ride along with you two.

  4. You two sound pretty happy there! What a nice way to start the day and I am pretty jealous of the fresh lemonade in the sun!

  5. If you start enjoying life too much here... you are just going to want to come back for a lot more you know...

  6. I think you might just want to stay there but the sounds of it!
    Fresh cinnamon buns, great lemonade... what more could you ask for???


  7. Never heard of Meyer lemons before. Are they real tart?


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