Sunday, March 4, 2012

An Amazing Day

Finally !!

After five days of wind, we had the most wonderful day.

Teresa and I decided to take advantage of the weather, and headed outside.

We checked out the pool, here at the Sand's resort.

Gorgeous pool, golf course, and mountain views

Two hot tubs

Next on our list was the short drive to the College of the Desert Street Fair.

Hot and sunny brought out the crowds

Teresa almost fell over herself fussing over this cute dog with it's own sunglasses.

Very cute in sunglasses, and so is the pooch !

Remember how we keep being surprised by bumping into people we know.  Well it happened again today.

I had just purchased a hat to go hiking with, because my ever growing bald spot just keeps growing.

As I walked out of the hat booth, I looked up, and saw a gentleman with the same looking hat on.  I made some kind of comment about how I thought my hat was a one of a kind original, when it suddenly hit me that I was talking to John from  RV Life on Wheels

Me with Judy and John

Teresa and I have been following this Canadian fulltime couple for the last couple of years.  We are hoping to meet up with them again before we leave here.  They are such a friendly couple.

All of this walking sure works up an appetite, so of course we had to stop for some fries and a date shake.

Put down the camera so I can start eating

 We enjoyed the sights and sounds, and suddenly realized the vendors were closing up shop, because the fair was over.

Instead of heading straight home, we decided to continue on Monterey Ave into the mountains.

Beautiful Resorts

The name of the street changes to Pines to Palms and begins a series of switchbacks as you head up in altitude.

Some curves had us slowing down to 30 mph

We both started laughing out loud when we looked at the GPS trying to keep us on the road.

Recalculating, Recalculating

The view at the top is simply amazing.

Dang ... It looks like my new hat blew off

We carefully drove back down the twisty road and headed for home.

As we were pulling into our site we saw Paulette walking the fur kids.

I didn't think our day could get any better but I was wrong. 

Rick and Paulette invited us to go to one of the most popular bistro's in Palm Springs.

Busy day and night at Shermans

Shermans offers great food, and has a very lively atmosphere.  There were lineups to get in, although the wait time is minimal.

Paulette and Rick

Even though the portions were quite large, we decided to try some dessert. 

Excuse me miss - May I have one of everything

The cakes were every bit as good as they looked.

It was just one of those days when you wish it would never end !


  1. Nice to see that you got to the COD and the mountain view. Meet fellow Bloggers then wind up with a nice meal at the Bistro. looks like a fun day.

  2. YA a really great day! Glad you had a chance to sample a date shake! We are HUGE fans of date shakes!

  3. It was great meeting both of you yesterday! It is a small world after all! Drop by Caliente Springs if you get a chance... I put a little "J" on the inside of my hat so I know which one is mine!

  4. Nice to hear the winds have died down to better enjoy your Sands visit. Sounded like a good trip over to COD. Like the hat story and that you got to meet up with John and Judy. Have a Great Sunday!

  5. Some one else mentioned those date shakes the other day. They must be really good. Looks like you both had a wonderful day. I love that the wind quit here too.
    Like the hat Trent.

  6. Lovely header shot of the 2 of you. That wind is one of the few things I don't like about that area.

  7. Hi Teresa and Trent,
    I love your new background picture. Beautiful picture of the both of you and lovely background pic.surrounding you two.
    It sure looks pretty there!!!!
    Love Auntie Pat and Uncle Dennis

  8. great to meet up with fellow bloggers!!! the new hat!..very nice!!


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