Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Cathedral City, Cali

Today will go on record as our shortest move yet.

A whopping 15 miles :)

The other day while we were visiting at the Outdoor Resort Palm Springs RV Resort and Country Club, we noticed an ad from a owner interested in renting their lot for a week.

We contacted them, and voila, we are here for one glorious week !

Lots of  lush greenery everywhere

Our fellow RV'ers here should be on commission, because without fail, everyone we bumped into went on and on about what a wonderful place this is.

We haven't had a chance to set up our patio yet

There are a lot of Canadians here, one office staff estimated it to be about 30%  Canuks.

We have a grapefruit tree, and some other kind of citrus tree on our lot.

Not sure what kind of fruit this is, but they are very sour

I think we are going to have a very good week !!


  1. You guys are getting spoiled, was too fancy for us thou, enjoy.

  2. Should be a great week! Enjoy your stay, nice looking lot and resort.

  3. ask around, that may be a lemon tree.....meyers I think

  4. That certainly looks like an amazing place to park an RV! Enjoy the week, hopefully some of this wind goes away!

  5. Hi you two!!!!!!
    WOW!! This place looks beautiful too, So far all the resorts you have stayed at are very appetizing. Lots of great options for you guys, Enjoy!!!!

    Lots of Love
    Auntie Pat and Uncle Dennis

  6. OOOLALALA Now you two are up town. Will you still be friends with me? LOL
    What luck to get that spot for a week.


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