Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Long Travel Day - Wells, NV

We didn't mean to have such a long travel day, really !!

But, the weather was so cold, we did not want to do the boondocking stops that we had planned courtesy of Teresa and Derek

When we met Teresa and Derek in Maricopa, they shared some great spots to spend some time at, and we were going to, but the weather this morning in Ely was 17F !!

So, with our heater running full blast we rolled merrily along, promising to return and use the hot springs that we were privy to.

After a couple of turns in the highway, I realized we had a very stiff tailwind and we were making great time, with the engine just purring along.

We contemplated a couple of stops on the way, but I justified carrying on because we were getting record mileage, and we were getting free heat from our trusty motor.

Finally, after 7 hours, and over 375 miles, we turned in to the Love's Gas Station in Wells.

It is supposed to go below freezing again tonight, so I am predicting some snuggle time to keep warm.


  1. NO WAY !!!!!! ahhhhhhhh so no Pahranagat nor the Springs - so sad for you guys! Hard to believe that the weather is worse now then when we went through! Good news about the wind though!

    Well, at least you stopped at the Love's so you get wifi!

    Thanks for the link! Safe travels the rest of the way!

  2. This weather sure has been crazy these past few days. But at least we didn't have that kind of snow. Stay warm.

  3. tailwinds are good for the gas mileage!..stay warm tonight!!..and safe travels tomorrow!!

  4. Still too early to head north for us, we want the warmer weather as long as possible. The tail wind is nice, so enjoy it while you can. Travel safe.


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