Monday, March 5, 2012

Meeting Cyber Friends

The weather has been amazing !! 

Exactly what we were hoping to find in Southern Cali.

Teresa and I have been reading the website of John and Angela for a couple of years now. 

They are a fulltiming couple from British Columbia.

They agreed to meet up with this new RV'ing couple from Saskatchewan.

They have an RV lot at the Outdoor Resort Palm Springs RV Resort and Country Club. 

The welcoming entrance

Va, va, va, voom, this is a very classy resort !!

They have lots of water and green space

As soon as we started driving up the road, we knew we were in for a real treat.  This place is nice.

This lake is home to lots of errant golf balls

The residents are super friendly as well, because when we got a little lost, a couple on a golf cart said "follow us" and away we went.

With their assistance we found John and Angela's winter home.

Oh, boy, this is getting better and better.  They back up to the golf course with a lake front view.

Angela and John

We shared a glass of wine, and quickly got acquainted.  They are the exact same age as us, and we shared many of the same values, and outlook on life.

They asked us if we would like to tour the resort, and in a heartbeat we both said "Yes" !

Views to take your breath away

The crown jewel of this park is the 27 holes of golf.  Free for every owner.

Is this a postcard or reality ?

They also have 14 tennis courts, 8 swimming pools, a restaurant, fitness center, and all the organized events you would expect from a resort of this calibre.

7 lakes on over 137 beautiful manicured acres

After touring us around, we returned to their rig to further discuss this crazy RV lifestyle we all love.

They had a wealth of experience between the two of them, and we were thirsty to hear as much as we could in only a few hours.

One of two huge gorgeous clubhouses

Now, before we got there, Teresa gave me strict orders to keep the visit short, because we hate to be intrusive.

Guess what ??  I had to drag Teresa away, kicking and screaming because she was enjoying our time with this great couple.

You would smile too, in such beautiful surroundings

We are so thankful and appreciative to John and Angela, for patiently putting up with our many questions and seeking their advice on a multitude of topics.

Me thinks our paths may cross again one day.

Once again everyone, repeat after me - "RV'ers are the nicest people" !!


  1. You may say it jokingly but it's true you can't find a better group of people then RVers.

    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. just wanted to say thanks for stopping by our blog!..nice to hear from fellow canadians!!..looks like I have some catching up to do with your blog too!..
    that RV Park looks very fancy!!!..little too fancy for us and our beloved tent trailer!.. :)

  3. Well you two certainly dressed for the occasion! nice! Do John and Angela still have a website? Guess it gave you something to think about vs. Maricopa - eh?

  4. "RV'ers are the nicest people!
    What a gorgeous place that is.

  5. Beautiful looking resort, nice to see you have met up with so many of your blogging friends on this trip. Hopefully we can meet you both sometime. Enjoy the rest of your visit, and may those winds stay away.

  6. Glad you got to meet Angela and John. They have a good deal of knowledge to share. It is a lovely resort but a little too fancy for us.

  7. Enjoy the good times, a little too fancy for us too!


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