Thursday, March 15, 2012

Lake Havasu and Kingman, AZ

We were boondocking yesterday, so we did not have access to the internet.

On Wednesday morning, we said goodbye to our friends and neighbours at the resort.

As we were driving away, I remarked to Teresa that now we know how Adam and Eve felt, leaving the garden of Eden ... sigh.

We hit the road for Lake Havasu, AZ.  It really was quite a long drive, because we were fighting some cross winds.

We found our camping spot, in the desert, only a few minutes outside of the city.

After a great night of sleep, we headed to the famous London Bridge.

Did you know that next to the Grand Canyon, this is the most visited spot in Arizona ?

It was a real scorcher today, perfect for the beach.

We were very surprised to see the water was crystal clear.  I guess because this canal is always flowing back to the Colorado River.

There was only one little glitch in our plans.  Spring Break.

Even though it was only around noon, there were lots of young folks out having fun, and drinking beer on the beach.

Not that they were causing any trouble at all, in fact, I thought everyone was pretty well behaved.

After a couple of hours, we headed back to the rig, and were soon on our way to Kingman.

It was a short drive on yet another great day.

We headed for old Kingman, famous for its part of Route 66.

We enjoyed touring this museum, dedicated to the famous roadway.

We read most of the exhibits, and watched a short video on Historic Route 66.

We had been advised, that no trip to the museum is complete, until you visit Mr. D'z  Route 66 Diner.

We loved the fun atmosphere of this shop.

And what else do you order ??  None other than a couple of malts !

You can bet these bad-boys spoiled our supper, but it was worth it.

We have a big day tomorrow, visiting Oatman, then we are on our way to Las Vegas.

We are slowly working our way north, but we want to have fun doing it.


  1. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! to Kingman and the malts at Mr. D'z

    ya - spring break - we caught it in Lake Hav in 2008!

    Hey guys watch the weather! the cold from here might make it down to you in Vegas! maybe snow Derek says....yikes!

    Are you going to catch up with Kevin & Ruth there headed to Vegas soon!

  2. the malts look delicious..even if they did spoil your dinner I am sure they were worth it!!

  3. Enjoy Oatman, the Burros and the shoot out. We have travelled so many sections of route 66 across the country and enjoy them all. Hope if you don't plan on driving your rig on the Oatman hwy, 10 a day trip with the car there is nice.

  4. As Teresa says...what are your plans for Vegas? We arrive there March 21 for a week.

  5. Dont forget to check out the Grand Canyon and 4 Corners! The crosswinds are one thing you hardly feel on a Class A motorhome. When a Class C Motorhome is getting blown all over the place you hardly notice it at all in a Class A. One more thing to think about while planning your next RV.
    Dale & Cindy.

  6. Looks like you had a great day in AZ...

  7. you two sure get around :)...the shakes look excellent..!!! well worth spoiling supper over ;)


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