Thursday, March 8, 2012

Hot, with no wind

We had a wonderful sleep last night.  I am not sure which plant it is, but there is the most amazing smell throughout this resort.

We enjoyed our coffee time together, but we cut it a little short, because they have a cafe and espresso bar here in the resort, and we heard the freshly baked cinnamon buns are to die for !!

I wanted to give the rig and car a quick rinse, because there was quite a bit of dust on everything.

By the time I hosed everything off and had a shower, it was nearly noon.

We decided to head over to the cafe, and have the buns and coffee for lunch.

But, you guessed it, they were long sold out !!

Oh, well, the muffins and coffee were scrumptious.

The cafe is at one of the clubhouses, where there is a paddling pool.

Lap pool in the background and kids paddling pool to the left

There was a young family with two children at the paddling pool, and Teresa was chatting with them, thinking of our little granddaughter.

But, you promised me a cinnamon bun !!

After our sugar laden lunch, we walked around the resort for nearly two hours.

Boy, I sure miss work ... NOT

For supper, I bbq'd shrimp that we had purchased while visiting the gulf coast in Texas.  Teresa made baked potatoes, and a veggie, and we cracked a bottle of white wine.

The perfect ending to a perfect day.


  1. Fresh baked cinnamon buns in the resorts, we have found you need to line up when they begin selling them, 8 am or maybe 9 am and usually are gone in a few minutes.

  2. Sounds like a great day inspite of missing out on the cinnamon buns.

  3. Glad to see you're really enjoying your new digs. Sorry that Paulette and I missed you guys the other day. Somehow, I had it figured you were going on the Thursday morning. We'll try and pop over for a visit before you leave. Sure looks like a nice resort.

  4. love the last photo of you in the lounge chair dreaming of work?

  5. Ok Guys... you have the hiking boots, the hiking shirt and the hiking hat. When does the hiking start? LOL LOL Looks like you are having a great time though. Keep it up! You can always hike tomorrow. LOL

  6. Was the coffee good? I am trying to be soooo good so I won't ask how good the muffin was. :(
    Poor Teresa didn't get here cinnamon bun, sitting there all sad. Maybe they will have some tomorrow go straight there no messing around. But don't tell us how good it was OK.

  7. Better go to bed early tonight so you don't miss out on the cinnamon buns in the morning!!!!! Yes, Teresa does look sad because she missed out on the cinnamon buns.

    And Trent you do look like you really miss work.........what a life, HEY!!!!
    Keep enjoying that beautiful resort.

    Lots of Love
    Auntie Pat and Uncle Dennis


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