Sunday, February 12, 2012

Maricopa, AZ

It was with heavy hearts that we pulled away from Canyon Vista RV Park this morning.

We met some really great people, and could definitely see ourselves fitting right in with this crowd.

We exchanged our email address with promises to stay in touch.

Well, we have more to see, so we hit the road to Maricopa.

This city offers incredible real estate deals, and there are a lot of Canadians scooping up some great bargains.

We are here on a fact finding mission, and we are not prepared to sign on the dotted line, however, we are open to the possibilities of an investment.

The closest RV park to Maricopa is called the John Wayne RV Ranch, and it seems like a nice stopover.

They are a Passport America park, so our nightly rate is $15.00

On a funny note, the couple right next to us in this park have just bought a house in Maricopa.

Not too sure how long we will be here, but it will be long enough to get a feel for the area.


  1. yall have had a busy few friends great food and a great swim day for T...don't you just love PA parks...we sure do...will be anxious to see the update on the 'investment" :) have a super week..

  2. We always enjoy visiting new places, have fun there too!

  3. Have fun exploring the area and keep the speed limit in mind.


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