Saturday, February 4, 2012

Happy Hour with Fellow Bloggers

We had another great sleep last night.  It really cools down after sunset, which contributes to a wonderful snooze.

We enjoyed our coffee in bed, then headed out for a couple laps around the park, which takes about 45 minutes.

We have been looking forward to this day since we arrived in this area.  We used to follow a Canadian couple who were new to the fulltiming lifestyle.

Knowing that they loved the Apache Junction area, I took a long-shot and emailed them to see if they were still around here.

Yes, indeed they were, and they extended an invitation to us to meet up at their park for a visit today.

Teresa put a cheese and cracker and pickle platter together, and I grabbed a couple of drinks as we headed out to find them.

We instantly felt comfortable meeting Dave and Lise, and I am afraid we bombarded them with questions about this lifestyle.

They patiently answered all our questions, and gave us helpful advice on a variety of subjects.

We had a great time visiting with this wonderful couple, and I can say for sure we will be meeting up with them again.

On the way home from our too short visit, Teresa kept saying what a good time she had, and how much she enjoyed herself.  Great, because I did too.

We have plans to visit the Mesa Flea Market tomorrow, plus our resort is putting on a Super Bowl party, including free drinks.

Let the game begin !!


  1. Always fun to meet fellow bloggers and meet them face to face, glad you had a good time.
    Enjoy the Messa Market, always a fun place for a walkabout and checking out some deals.
    More shopping for Theresa!

  2. So glad that this trip is all you hoped it would be and I think even more!!

  3. and another great day for you nice to meet fellow bloggers...a big super bowl party here at our resort this evening..but we decided to just stay home and veg...all this fun makes a body tired...have a great week

  4. Another good day and today will be fun to for your both.
    Don't get to roudy over the game today. OK :-} Ah go ahead live on the edge.


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