Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Busy day

Teresa and I had a busy day today.

Let's see if I can remember what we did, and in what order.

First, coffee in bed.  ( What can I say ? )

Then we checked out a couple of RV parks. 

First was Mesa Regal.  Wow, this is a very nice park, but it is so large !!  This was like a small town, with tons of activities, some shops, and a bar and grill.  We can see why people return here year after year.

Next was Valle del Oro.  Also a Cal-Am park.  Not quite as large, but still gigantic.  And there was a real buzz around the resort today, because Rich Little was performing in a few hours.  Again, a ton of activities and very friendly residents.

Our third park was more a fluke.  We were driving down Main St. when I saw a park a co-worker of mine has a mobile home in. 

Unfortunately, she was not there, but we met her better half, who was a most gracious host, and gave us some great tips on the area.

Next, we found Costco, where we picked up some great deals on coffee and wine, and a few other staples.

Last was a trip to Trader Joe's.  This was only our second TJ's,  and we love it more and more.  As a bonus, they even had a wine tasting today.

We picked up some prepared meals, and of course, a few more bottles of wine.

By that time it was supper.  Easy one today, as Teresa threw a lasagna from TJ's in the microwave.

Voila, supper is ready, hun !!

I don't suppose any of our astute readers can guess what we washed it down with can you ??


  1. Was it water? haha
    I was making my list of things to take and guess what was the first item. No silly not water. Happy your still having fun.

  2. After all that wine tasting you wouldn't want more with supper. Would you?

  3. I'm liking this morning ritual of coffee in bed...thinking I need to program Rick :)

  4. The thing you have to mention is that TJ's frozen meals are very high quality. As is the vino:)


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