Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas Concert

There is nothing that gets us in the Spirit of Christmas quicker than a concert.

Cold !!  Pretty, but cold !!

My niece belongs to the South Saskatchewan Youth Orchestra, and today was their annual Christmas brunch.

Emily's weapon of choice is the violin.

We can't believe how quickly Emily is growing up

This event was held at the premier concert building in all of Regina called the Conexus Arts Centre.

We were offered a delicious choice of ham, bacon, sausages, hash browns, scrambled eggs, fruit, juices and croissants.

Nephew Stephen, sister Holly and me

Shortly after lunch, the musicians were called to the front, and the main part of the attraction took place.

Teresa, our daughter Alysha, and the star Emily

Wow, were they ever good.  Now, no one is ever going to get me confused with one of those experts on classical music, but I know awesome music when it is tickling my ears !!

Emily, Stephen and Alysha

We are so proud of our niece Emily, and her brother Stephen.  Even though Stephen is in the middle of University final exams, he took the time out to support his sister.

My sister Holly, and Teresa
They were friends before Teresa and I were married

I was feeling sorry for Emily when I found out her parents bought her an old, used, violin from Hungary built in 1953, until I found out that that was a good thing ... LOL.

All too soon, it was time to give our hugs and say so long, but we will see them again Christmas day.

With the temperature around -15, and a wind blowing at 20mph, we were frozen just walking back to the car.

How should we warm up.  Teresa was quick to insist a stop at our favourite coffee shop was in order.


  1. How wonderful for the family to be able to listen to her in consert. Good looking family at that.

    I love the snow pictures. But I could do with out the freezing temps. The Catalina's and Rincons had snow it was so pretty. I hope the pictures I took from the moving car came out OK.

  2. Wow Alysha looks just like Teresa! It does look cold there.....hang in.

  3. So nice to get together with family. You have it much colder than we did and we had no snow too, a bonus. Back in Alabama now and our own house again!

  4. There is nothing like a good snap of cold and a good cup of joe to stimulate the senses. Snow always appeals to my sight but not to my exterior. Glad you are spending some quality time with your family over the holidays, just think how warm it will feel when you get off the plane back at your winter digs. Derek


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