Saturday, December 8, 2012

Relaxing Pool Day

The time is just flying by !!  We can't believe we will be flying home in only five more days.

Yesterday we had fun with Bob and Janet.  They had never been to a Costco, so we were happy to take them.

On the way we stopped at our favourite coffee shop called Paradise Bakery.

We enjoyed our coffee and food outside on the patio, while visiting with each other.

I wanted to buy a Kindle, so Bob and I headed to Best Buy, while Teresa and Janet shopped at the Hallmark store.

With our purchases in hand, we headed to Costco.  It was very busy, but we did not get flustered, and instead we just took our time to shop ... and taste the delicious samples they always have.

Bob and Janet concluded that Costco was very similar to Sam's Club, which they are already members of.

Today was forecast to be the last warm day, before cooler weather arrives this week.

With that, Teresa and I played a little tennis, then decided to take advantage of the beautiful day by visiting the gorgeous pool.

We actually had the pool to ourselves at one point.  We stopped and looked around at the mountains, blue skies and palm trees.

We felt very fortunate and a little humbled that we are lucky enough to be doing this at our age.

Later we had a BBQ supper with wine, and read our books.  It wasn't long before Teresa started nodding off, and headed to bed.

With all the exercise and sun today, I will be right behind her !!


  1. You are so brave to shop on a weekend this time of year.
    Hope it won't be to cold when you get home.

  2. Enjoy the warm weather while you have it. Too soon cold.

  3. It sure has been beautiful but things should be changing soon. Hope that pool was heated!

  4. Glad to see you are enjoying your days. I heard that it is suppose to be a warmer than normal winter. Actually anything will be warmer than Regina!

  5. what a great day :) you will love your gift Rick ever gave me...I use mine daily...


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