Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Road Trip

When Ed and Marilyn asked us if we would like to come along with them to "exercise" their diesel truck, we said sure without a moment's hesitation.

We headed out on Hwy 60 east for awhile until we turned off at Globe.

This area has a number of small towns that were built around the copper mines in years past.

We were now on Hwy 88, and the scenery was amazing.

We drove by Roosevelt Lake with a dam, Apache Lake, and Canyon Lake.

The road was pretty darn good most of the way, but suddenly it turned into gravel, and it was very washboardy !!

Poor Ed ... the switchbacks and sharp corners had him cranking the steering wheel all the way to the left, then to the right, then back to the left again !!

However, Ed took that all in stride, and didn't seem fazed at all.
The road was so narrow, that if we met oncoming traffic, someone would have to pull over at a wide spot, and let the other one pass.

When we weren't taking photos, we were all busily chatting about our families and future travel plans.  We are planning to take a cruise with them next winter ... ( Jan/14)

We are getting very excited about the cruise, after hearing their descriptions of what we can expect.

After four hours of "oohing" and "aawing" over this beautiful part of the world, we were back to civilization with empty stomachs.

We ended up trying a new place called The Feedbag, which we found to provide a pretty good meal at a reasonable price.

Back at home we settled in for some reading and relaxing, but Teresa finally put her book down when I couldn't stop talking about how much fun we had with our friends !!


  1. Great pics of your trip today!

    A cruise! A cruise! Wowie!

  2. beautiful pictures...what a place...a cruise would definitely be something to look forward exciting..!!

  3. A great road trip today and nice pic. Whats not to like about a cruise we have done a few and enjoyed everyone.

  4. i never tire of the scenery in that part of the usa

  5. Caynon Lake is where the Steam Boat Dolly is. That's the trip I missed this week because of the cold. My sis brought back some pictures for me to cry over.
    Pictures look alot like yours so I can cry again.

  6. Cruising is fantastic - you're going to LOVE it!


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