Monday, December 3, 2012

Relaxing Day

Let's see, Saturday we did some chores around the rig, and Teresa spent some time at the laundromat.

Yesterday, we were up and out the door pretty early to have breakfast and pick up a few items from the Mesa Market that we needed before we fly home for Christmas in less than two weeks.

We bought a few items for ourselves, and for Christmas presents, but my favorite purchase was a couple of hiking poles.

Unfortunately, after poking Teresa with it a few times to hurry her along while we were shopping, they soon were in her possession for the rest of the morning ... lol.

With that shopping adventure complete, we rushed home to make our next engagement.

We went with Ed and Marilyn, and Jesse and Ginger to see the movie "Flight" with Denzel Washington.

This time it was Bob and Janet's turn to play nurse and patient, so they had to miss out.

We really enjoyed the movie, although it was not what we thought it would be.

After the movie, and a huge tub of popcorn, we mentioned to our friends that we were going to pick up a few items from Walmart before returning home.

That was the understatement of the year !!

On the way to Walmart, Teresa wanted to stop at the Staples store.

On the way to the Staples store, she spied a Hallmark Store.

After these stores, we went to Best Buy, Beall's Outlet Store, and to wrap it up, we went for some groceries at Fry's.

Whew, those couple of items turned into a major shopping spree that saw us getting home at 7:30 pm, hungry and tired.

This morning, we laughed over coffee time, saying we better slow down on the shopping, because we had clothes and bags stuffed into every corner of the rig, with the leftovers displayed all over the couch.

Just then our phone rang, and it was Ed asking if we wanted to go shopping at the huge San Tan Village Mall. 

Believe it or not, Teresa said she was shopped out, but we sure felt bad giving up a chance to spend time with these amazing friends.

For the rest of the day, we just relaxed and read, giving us, and our credit cards, a much needed rest !!


  1. I am shopped out too, but we still have alot to do between now and Christmas!

  2. Where are you guys leaving your motorhome when you fly home? Are you flying out of Phoenix? Email me and let me know. We won't see you until Jan as we are staying in Calgary for Christmas and heading out Jan 5. Mom had a small stroke and is in a wheelchair for now. I hope she gets better. Apparantly she has slowed down. That is the only thing that sux is missing her till spring. Also missing our kids too but hey we hate winter and want to go south. You might want to let your mom know about mom as I just found out a few days ago myself. Enjoy your camping and look forward to visiting and camping together with you guys. It will be fun and look forward to meeting your friends as well. Take care you two. See you soon and have a Great Christmas.

  3. I have the most amazing wife, she absolutely hates shopping, sure keeps our credit card in check. Even let's me do the grocery shopping too. Now a fleamarket to walkabout and look is fun, but don't buy anything.
    Have too much fun there.

  4. Glad you got a chance to rest after all that shopping. Hard to believe Christmas is so close. Have a great Tuesday.

  5. You two are just so funny. Love coming here for my entertainment. Especialy now that I am home bound with a nasty cold. Hate having to stay put makes me crazy. OK so just a little more than usual.


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