Thursday, September 29, 2011

Coffee party for Trent

Well, anyone that knows me, knows I hate the spotlight.  So, when my office staff asked what I wanted for a retirement party, I told them the smaller the better !

And I am happy to report it was small.  For our afternoon coffee break, we had cake, juice and tea. Just some informal presentations and a quick little thanks by me, and it was time to eat cake. 

I had asked for a gift certificate to our local sporting good shop, but I was completely shocked by how generous my co-workers were. Very much appreciated and I am going to use the funds to buy a GPS unit, suitable for Geocaching. ( Can anyone recommend a good handheld GPS for newbies )

Tomorrow is our scheduled day off, so that means only 5 more days of work. 

Teresa is out for supper again tonight. When these three girls go out, they usually kick it up a notch, and Teresa comes home with all sorts of stories of laughter, and fun !!


  1. Congratulations on your soon to be unemployed status.

  2. Shoeless Joe - Thank you !! Can hardly wait.

    Sassy - Re:the cake The funny thing is there is a frog driving the rig. But nobody in my office knew that our rig once belonged to..... Froggi Donna.... I figure that was a sign of good Karma !!

  3. What a wonderful party. I just love the cake. Can't wait to start reading of your travels.
    Happy Days and Happy Trail.

  4. gotta love retirement, best job I ever had!

  5. That's a beautiful cake... I envy you two getting started on your "new" and exciting life! My husband and I have about three more years to go before we are out there on the road. :(

    Keep safe....ENJOY, ENJOY, ENJOY!


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