Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Departure Date

Our planned departure date is Oct 15th.  My heart is pounding just typing  that in.  We cannot believe how quickly the time is flying by.

Our last day of work is Oct 7th.  For me, we are calling it a retirement, but for Teresa, she is resigning, since she is still a little a lot shy of 50.

Of course our emotions are through the roof !!  How do you say good-bye to friends that you have worked with for over 20 years !!

Tomorrow is my little coffee party at work,  Friday is my day off, then only one more week.  Teresa is a social butterfly, and is going out for lunches and suppers with friends from work and home.

Whew, I sure will be glad when the big wheels get rolling, and we can start relaxing !!


  1. You don't say goodbye; you get email addresses and let them know about the blog. You can keep in touch on the road you know and you will be making new friends too.

  2. longdog2 said it is not a forever adios! Soon you will have so many many friends.....

  3. How exciting!
    The day you leave to hit the road I will be heading home for awhile.
    Yes its never good bye its hello to new friends and sharing with the old.

  4. Time to go to and make up some RVer cards...hand them out to friends before you go and you'll use them with all your new RVer friends, too. Put as much or as little info on them as you want, put a photo of the two of you (with or without the RV) and definitely put on your blog link!

  5. On the road exploring making so many new friends, you can be soo busy you will wonder when you had time to work. Keep the blog going, emails and handing out your cards


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