Monday, September 26, 2011

Our " Wheel " - Estate

How does the idea of living in a 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, house sound?   Now imagine if that house was only 200 sq. ft. !!

Actually, we LOVE our little motorhome.  We were fortunate enough to purchase her from Froggi Donna  Now, if you are at all familiar with any RV forums, you will know Donna.  She is very active on many sites, and is an excellent writer.

Not only did Donna take great care of our rig, but she also added  many upgrades to fulltime in.  We have the best solar powered system that we have seen.  470 watts of solar panels, 6 AGM batteries, and a 2000 watt Pure-Sine wave inverter.  This means we can watch TV, have the lights on, make a pot of coffee, and even use the microwave, without being plugged in !!

We also have levelling jacks, back-up monitor, powered entry steps, laminate flooring, walk around bed, and really, everything that the big rigs have.

Now, we are not saying that we will never move up to a larger rig, but for now, we are very content.  Our small size will allow us to get into virtually any campground, and we can even venture off the beaten path, without fear of getting stuck.

Like they say "Our house may be small.....but you should see our back yard !!"


  1. Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging and RV travel. Your rig looks great and I'm sure Froggi took great care of it. My mother was originally from the Regina area before she married my American Dad. I'm from San Antonio and we are still looking at 100 degree heat down here. I'm a part-timer and my blog is
    Hope you enjoy your travels.

  2. We are still stuck in the rat race but love to read blogs from those who have escaped :-) I have bookmarked your blog and look forward to following your travels from our place in Texas.


  3. Am a fellow Canadian on the east coast hoping to follow in your footsteps in the next few years. Good luck and I will follow your blog. May not comment as I don't have a blog myself. Good fortune in your travels and don't hesitate to share your experiences be they good or bad. Lessons for the rest of us.
    Bev in Halifax NS

  4. Just found you on Me and my dog. I will catch up with all your blogs soon.
    In the mean time travel safe and enjoy.

  5. If you got your rig from Froggi i am sure it will do the trick. Nice thing about a small house,its easy to clean and maintain, you are always at home, no grass to cut and the ever changing scenery. An amazing lifestyle.

  6. I'm sure glad I found you before you blog was very old.:) I have come across some that took a few days to read on an off of course.
    Hope your journeys are many and safe. Maybe meet you in AZ. some time.

  7. Welcome to the good life. I hope you enjoy the lifestyle as much as I do.

  8. Totally envious with your great solar set-up !!

  9. Welcome to RV travel and to blogging. They are both new worlds that have much to offer. Enjoy. Anything we can help you with just send us a note.

  10. Sounds like you have the perfect rig to start your Snowbird lifestyle. Thers's a number of benefits to being smaller. Looking forward to traveling along with you as you head South.

  11. I can't tell you how happy I am that 1) you still love the LilyPad and 2) you started a blog! Hoping we can manage to connect somehow...we just posted our rough plans for the next year on the last blog. Hugs to you both!!


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