Friday, September 30, 2011

Not a very productive day

Oh, oh.  We better not have too many days like this before we leave.  Teresa and I have a custom for our days off.  We prepare the coffee maker the night before. The first one to wake up, stumbles into the kitchen, turns on the coffee maker, then cuddles back into bed. Yes, our coffee machine is programmable, but on weekends and days off, we never know when we will awake !

When we can hear our favorite brew is done, we prop ourselves up in bed with our pillows, and talk and dream for about an hour.

We have done this for years !!

Today, we got up at decent hour, but just couldn't get in gear.  I think it is because of all the emotional stuff we are going through.

Later, in the afternoon, Teresa said she felt like a nap, and my head was nodding in agreement.  But instead of just a 20 minute cat nap, we were out for an hour !!

Then my bride requested a coffee from Tim's.  Teresa LOVES her Timmies, so to deny her would have been dangerous.

And that folks, is how you waste a day away !!


  1. Sorry I made a mess out of that comment.
    Wasting time is my major option in life.
    I know that you are leaving your family behind but it is only for a little while. Relax get ready to go and then you can waste lots of days.
    You both seem to be a perfect fit. Stay happy always. :)

  2. JOJO - Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment. We are looking so forward to our 6 month get away, so that we can just enjoy the simple things in life. Reading, walking, preparing meals, and lots of naps !!

  3. Part of retirement is easing into the day. Don't worry, you'll be ready for the 15th.

  4. Not wasting the day thats the joy of retirement, ease into it, but we are usually up around 6 am enjoying the mornings is what we like, coffee, computing, chatting. Best stock up on your coffee when you head south, we take enough for at least 200 pots of this stuff, not too many Timmies down south if any.


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