Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Planned Route

First of all, I would like to extend a sincere Welcome and Thank you to all the folks that have left such encouraging comments, and an especially huge Thank you to those brave folks that have agreed to go along for the ride with us, by becoming Followers !!

Now, although we are new to travelling, I have been reading about RV travel for years. As you can imagine, I now have a list that is very long, of places we want to see.

But, one piece of advice that experienced RV'ers always give is, don't try to see everything at once the first year.  So, heeding that advice, we have devised a route that we think will be fun, yet not too demanding either.

And of course, we want to leave our options open, so that we can stay or leave an area, if our hearts so desire.

This year we have decided to spend most of our time in Texas and Arizona, and maybe a brief visit to Palm Springs area in S. Cal.

Oh, ya, and Vegas for sure !!

If we start to feel cranky from always being on the go, then I will simply put the rig in park, extend the awning, and pour us a glass of wine.

By then our winter will be over, and we will anxiously get back to our condo, to see how our Watchdogs have made out.


  1. Sounds like a great plan. If you make it to Tucson give me a heads up and maybe we can get together.

    Have fun and be safe

  2. I accumulate places I wast to see through reading or visiting with folks and string together routes with places to visit. I will be in south Texas this winter and if your in the neighborhood be sure and look me up.

  3. I do not have an email address to send you a pdf for the fantastic fan blade removal, but this link will show you how, Step number 7 use a 2/32 allen wrench to loosen the screw and remove fan blade.
    And yes they are a great company, replaced our vent cover free of charge on our 12 year old rig.


  4. IF you stay at the Circus-Circus KOA (which I highly recommend), be sure to say hi to workampers, Pam & Smokey Joe Ridgely who are working there. Tell them you have Froggi Donna's old Lilypad...they are old friends of mine and great folks!

  5. I keep telling everyone that will listen to me just how great the RV community is !!

    JoJo and Shoeless Joe.... When we are passing through, be sure to give a shout out, and we will get together.

    George - You are my hero. I could not see that hidden little set screw anywhere. Probably because a ton of dust, dead bugs, and leaves had fallen in my eyes when I removed the screen.

    Donna - Thanks for tip about Pam & Smokey. We will have an adult pop, and give a big toast to you and Stu... LOL



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