Thursday, December 8, 2011

Exploring the Valley

We had a great sleep again last night, with the temperature just above freezing.

Teresa looked like a line backer with her fancy moves, on the ice cold floor.  First, she cut to the left and turned on the coffee pot, then she zigged to the right to turn on the water heater, and finally she zagged to the left to turn on the furnace.

Finally, she dived into bed, where I was waiting to warm up her freezing feet.  The things I do !!

It was considerably warmer today, so we headed out after breakfast for a brisk 45 minute walk.  It felt great.

After showers, we decided to drive around a little, and get the lay of the land.

We did have one destination in mind, however.  And it was all Ed's fault.  You see, when we first met them, it was in Colorado Springs, and on one of our shopping sprees, Ed bought us some chocolate covered coffee beans, from the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.  We were hooked, big time.

Since travelling this winter, we have stopped at two RMCF's, and believe it or not, both stores were sold out.  Bummer.

But today we hit gold.  Oh, sure, we had to drive for nearly half an hour, but we wanted to see some sights on the way anyway.

And we sure had a good laugh at ourselves, because this store was located in the same mall that the six of us had been to earlier in the week.  If we had only known ...

As we were leaving this mall, we noticed some waterfalls at the end of the road.  It was a convention center.  Very nice.

On the way home, there must have been an accident or something, because traffic was barely crawling.

Just as I felt some frustration trying to settle in, we had to remind ourselves that we had no schedule and no rush to be home.

Oh, ya, have to get used to that fact ... LOL


  1. Glad to see you made it back, it was a semi truck turned over on 83, we were thinking of you when we saw it on news.

  2. Chocolate covered coffee beans!!! ya - definitely worth the drive! better that Derek and I not get a hold of those - two of our favourite things - bet we're not alone though - even better if they had dark chocolate.

    Nice to explore.....looks like you have rain on the way.

  3. Yeah for sure what's the hurry. Its better to be stuck in traffic with your rv thou, because you are always at home. Nice you did some sightseeing while looking for the RMCF but at least you got your fix!

  4. Chocolate is one life's best treasures!

    Todd Temple

  5. Great eating places at that mall too - we are only a few block from there - will have to get together when we get back there in 3 weeks


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