Friday, December 16, 2011

Our Class C

The nice thing about a rig our size ( 27 footer ) is that you can easily maneuver around with it.

We are never limited to which parks we can stay at, and boondocking at Walmart is a breeze.

Besides, we have a huge backyard, right ??

Well, on lousy weather days like today, when you cannot access your huge backyard, the quarters get a little tight.

Don't get us wrong, we knew when we planned our trip that it would not be all roses.  We knew we would have mechanical stuff go wrong, and we knew there would still be sickness, and we knew that our rig with no slides would be a little cosy.

So today, we found ourselves thinking about our next rig. 

Of course, the first decision has to be between a motorhome and a 5th wheel.  

And that was where we got "stuck" every time.

We love our motorhome while travelling.  It is so convenient to access your house, while barrelling down the road.  We can use the fridge, find a map, dig out a snack or beverage, and even use the washroom if necessary.

And if a drawer or cupboard flies open, we can do something about it right away.  There is nothing worse than walking back to your trailer and finding your pantry contents smashed and leaking on the floor. 

But for us, the number one reason we chose a motorhome in the first place, was so we could tow our little car.  Yep, when we get to our destination, we love driving a 40 mpg car, rather than a large truck.

On the other hand, having a steering wheel in your living room, is not very homey.  No one can deny that a 5th wheel feels more like a home.

Most of the larger fivers have three or more slides, that really open up the living area.  Usually, the extra large TV is in a position where you can look directly at it, not up over the front seats like in most motorhomes.

We went back and forth between the two for most of the day.

We talked about how with a motorhome, you have to maintain two motors, transmissions, drive trains, etc.  Yes, but if your motorhome breaks down on some side road, you can just unhitch your car, and go get help.

And to bare my soul, just a little, I had to confess that I was unsure if I could tow one of those big fifths.  What if I had to back into some tight spot, with someone waiting for me ?

And Teresa had some misgivings about driving a large truck, possibly a dually, to the laundromat, or grocery store.

Decisions, decisions !!

But, one decision has been made.  If we are going to spend a month or more in one spot, it will have to be in something a little bigger.


  1. Its a tough decision we have been there started with a 24' class C had a lot of fun in that rig. Then went to a 31' class A no slides great machine but it was an oldie. Got the feeling for a 5th and bought a new 27 foot and a truck, didnt fit in very good so traded for a 35' 5th and a bigger truck with diesel. It was a great combination but we figured we had been spoiled by the earlier MH's and traded for another class A 34' on a Workhorse chassis it was definatly what we needed and ran it for 3 years and then decided that since we were both retiring and the amount of time in the rig would increase we swapped for a 38' diesel pusher. This is the last one? well we will see. If we can provide any info to help with your decision give us a holler.
    Looks like you are having fun so don't get too hung up on the rig .

  2. UHK, I hate having to make these kinds of decisions. I have a 23' motor home without a slide. I think if it had a slide I would be really content. But then I am alone. Then I thought I might sell it this winter as I would rather have a van fixed up for short camping trips. The Motor Home is sitting in the driveway and I have only used it once since I returned from the Mountains in Oct.If I don't start using it I will sell? or not. How often have you felt cramped? Maybe just a bigger Class C with slides will work. I am partial to Class C's easier to manage. But thats just my 2 cents as they say. :)

  3. We have had travel trailers, 5th wheels, Class Cs, and a Class A. I liked them all. My husband didn't like driving the 30ft class A but I didn't mind it at all. The 5th wheel we have now is 31 ft and has two slides (our first RV with slides). I think the slides make a big difference in any of them when you are going to be in them for a long time. If you go too large, it will limit you to private and public parks that can handle big rigs. I actually think the layout and storage capability is more important than the length. If you look at motorhomes with slides--make sure you see them closed before you fall in love. Actually the same is true of 5th wheels and trailers. A lot of them are not really usable with the slides in (i.e. you can't get to the fridge to load groceries or even stop by the side of the road for lunch). Can you sleep in it with the slides in (i.e. Walmarting or in real windy weather).

  4. We started with a pop up trailer for 30 years, then a van conversion for 7 yrs, a class 24 ft C for 4 yrs then the class A 36 ft, I slide , fulltime since 2006 and love it!. You can debate 5ers and coaches, all day but the bottom line is what you want.

    My thought thou is if you like moving about, like we do, get a coach, it needs to be driven. If you like to park for long periods maybe a 5th wheel or trailer.

    Good luck if you take your time you will make the right choice for this time in your life.

  5. Personally Trent, I like the Class A. It is a lot harder to break into and not affected by wind like the class C's are. I loved my trailer, but I love that Cindy can get me a coffee, make me a sandwich and go to the bathroom without me pulling over and stopping. Also if you are in a rest area that you wakeup because of people being around your motorhome in middle of night you can just turn on your backup camera, start your rig and drive away. Will tell you a quick story that maybe doesnt apply to today. Quite a few yrs ago when we took our kids to Disneyland and then spent a month going up 1A highway to Washington we filled up in a truck stop. You know I was a trucker and I made sure there was parking spaces for trucks so they wouldnt get mad at us. I asked the owner of Truckstop if we could just park there overnite as it was late and no campgrounds open. Cause we filled up with fuel he said certainly. The next morning we went to get up and leave trailer to go for breakfast and headout. A semi had pulled so close that we couldnt even get out of the trailer. He had done that deliberately and we were trapped inside. Our emergency window also faced that side so we were trapped inside with no phone and nothing we could do till the jerk came and moved his rig which I tried to catch him and give him a piece of my mind to say the least but he was gone. After that I swore that no way would I travel now then with a motorhome that I can start and leave anytime I want if just sleeping overnite. Also, a few yrs ago there was a writeup in Reader's Digest where some crooks stole the truck of the 5th wheel that the older couple was sleeping inside. They felt the rig going down the road but could do nothing until it slowed enough to turn that they jumped out and called police. If I was to buy a trailer, I would definitely buy a 5th wheel. Much easier to backup. You can turn much sharper. And way easier to hookup and unhook with the 5th wheel. Talk to Doug as he had quite a nice rig that he sold and purchased our old motorhome, our Triple E Commander. Sorry for writing a book but thought you might be interested in hearing some of this. On the same note, you don't want to live your life in fear neither and chances are probably higher of getting hit by lightning then that stuff happening to anybody. Especially when you have the Good Lord backing you up lol. Tioga George is not sure now as his motorhome was broken into the other nite. They smashed the passenger side window out and came in thru the door. He managed to scare them off but was a little concerned to say the least. For now he is not boondocking but instead staying at campgrounds. I still think it would be nice to boondock. The Class A's and the Fifth Wheels all have deadbolts as well as locks so they are quite safe as well. Good luck on your decision and have an exciting time checking them all out. You both have a nice rig and plenty of time to shop around and browse. So enjoy your winter. Dale & Cindy..

  6. Put some serious thought into the Class A. The only reason I have a "C" is because my son doesn't want to sleep with me every night, he wants his "own bed" up top.
    If he was older and on his own, and it were just me or if I had a husband, I would prefer the class A just for the "homey" feel alone.
    JMHO of course

  7. Class A for us for all the above reasons. A huge plus is having a smaller vehicle to drive around in to site see, especially if you come to Mexico. Layout is the most important, especially where your dining table is located. We always like our table on our patio side, I can't imagine sitting next to the sewer hookups. We cover our steering wheel with a table and cloth, put a lamp on it and it is real cosy!!

  8. one of our favorite pastimes when the weather is yucky is going to Barnes and Nobles and settling in with some magazines and a nice warm beveragae

  9. or you can do laundry, visit a museum, go to the mall and people watch. all sorts of things you can do on a rainy day....even visit friends!

  10. You have a wealth of knowledge right there with your friends. They are good, solid folks and they can help you a lot. Pick their brains!

  11. of all our rigs I love the class A the best...we also have a table and table cloth that covers the steering wheel..and a lamp and flower arrangement and people are always asking where is your steering wheel :) What it all boils down to is personal preference..for us after trying a class C two 5ers and 2As its still an A :)...


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