Saturday, December 17, 2011

Fun in Mexico

A big thank you to everyone who shared their thoughts and experiences on different types of RV's. 

We just have to be patient, and I am sure we will know when the right one comes along.

This morning was still cool, with a misty drizzly rain.  Teresa said that if I knew what was good for me, we had better find something to do, outside of our motorhome.

We were still in our pj's, discussing a few ideas, when the cavalry was ringing our doorbell.  It was Ed and Bob, asking if we would like to go to Mexico for lunch.

I was shaking my head so vigorously up and down, that I darn near flung my glasses off my face.

In no time at all, we were all cleaned up, and in our "big boy and big girl" clothes, and out the door.

We shopped for a while, then made our way to the Arizona restaurant.  We were warmly welcomed, and soon our waiter brought out some complimentary nachos and salsa, along with our $1.00 margaritas.

We all had the lunch special, where two can dine for $9.95.

Everyone enjoyed their meals, but of course, the best part was the conversation between us. 

I forgot to mention a couple of things over the past couple of days.

First, my bashful bride has finally made it over to the swimming pool.  Later in the hot tub, she agreed that she has been missing out on some great times.  I hope more hot tubbing is in our future.

Secondly, we received a Christmas care package from our son's family.

We were instructed to open a couple of the presents right away.  We were thrilled to be given three DVD's, and a beautiful decoration for our tree from our Granddaughter.

What made it even more special, was our Daughter-in-law took the initiative to figure out where we were, contact the office, and have everything couriered, without our knowledge.

The Spirit of Christmas is alive and well, even way down here in Texas !!


  1. Yep can always have fun rving no matter where you are. Glad you had a great day and early christmas!

  2. How sweet, see great kids brought up by great parents. Your daughter in law is a special gift too.

  3. I'm glad she decided to hit the pool and hot tub, so much more fun to share those things than being alone in them!
    Great times this winter for you guys.
    $1 marguerita? holy man! so lucky!!! have one for me tomorrow!


  4. How sweet of you daughter in law! A very special memory for you. The lowest cost marguerita here is 50 pesos. You go yourselves a deal!

  5. what a darling daughter in law you have...great price on the marguerita wow...have a super week


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