Monday, December 19, 2011

Hot and Sunny

We had another great sleep, but we broke from our traditional hour long coffee break this morning.

The reason ??   The sun came out today !!

We went for a great power walk, and we could literally feel the sun and fresh air recharging our internal batteries.

After showers, our pals Ed and Marilyn invited us to the Blue Onion for lunch.

Teresa and I had our first Po' Boys, and can see why they are a lunchtime favourite.

Back at home, Teresa and I were still trying to soak up some more rays, and we spied Marilyn in her lounger doing the same.

We sat outside until the sun was setting, and reluctantly, came inside.

Teresa made another awesome Greek salad for supper.

We have some fun things planned for tomorrow !!


  1. It's nice to get back to closer to normal. I am just 80 miles north of you and have been going through the same weather.

  2. SUN! You have SUN! I want SUN. Haven't seen SUN in over a week. WE are supposed to have that to. After all this is Tucson. :(
    But I am glad you are seeing it and now you can get out and enjoy your days.

  3. Gotta love the sunshine and warmth we are enjoying it here. JOJO we having sun in Casa Grande, must be a cloud over Tucson.

  4. The sun is back here too. I am so glad to see it. It is pretty windy but just having sun is great.

  5. wow sounds like you two definitely had a 'rough' day :)...NOT...enjoy and a very Merry Christmas to you both and your family...


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