Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Heaven on Earth

Teresa winked at me as I sat down to post tonight and said she had a good name for our post today.

Those three words would sum up our day.

We left for South Padre Island around 10 am.  We knew we were heading to Dirty Al's for lunch, so Teresa and I skipped out on breakfast.

To add to our enjoyment, Mike and Marian, and Chuck and Coletta, met us there. 

I am not sure which we enjoyed more ... the awesome fresh shrimp, or our time spent with these great people.

Either way, it was a fabulous time, and once again, Chuck, the natural born comedian, kept us in stitches with his story of how he worked on a shrimp boat ... for 5 days !!

After lunch, we had to say goodbye to our new friends, with promises to get together again whenever we are in this part of Texas.  We will be back !!

The six of us jumped into Bob's truck, and headed off for a day at the beach.  I must say here that we are very, very thankful to Bob and Janet, for doing all the driving and the use of their beautiful truck.

Our car, as well as Ed and Marilyn's truck, just won't seat the six of us.  Bob has been such a good sport, and we appreciate being able to drive together.  It adds to the fun for sure.

Okay, I am hoping my words will convey what a great day we had.

Bob skillfully drove on the beach, and found us a great place to kick back and relax.

We all eagerly jumped out, and headed directly for the water.  On the way to the water's edge, we marvelled over the soft warm sand.

Now, I must be honest and say that the sand and beach here was even nicer than our beloved Galveston, and anywhere else we stayed along the gulf coast. It was just like flour.

Did I mention that the temperature today was in the 80's again ?

We think Janet has really found her spot in the sun, because she couldn't stop smiling and commenting on the beauty of the ocean. She had us all laughing when she asked if we could come back tomorrow ... LOL.

We were all relaxing in our lawn chairs, when the three girls jumped up, and headed down the beach.  Teresa said it was a great time of conversation, as they waded in the water, and shared the moment together.

The three of us guys talked about travel and life, and if we would have been in recliners, we would have fallen asleep.  With our full tummies, and the sun shining on us, we were pretty content.

Sadly, we had to leave to make it home before it got too dark.  We made a stop to pick up some fresh seafood for a future day.  Ed recommended taking some back roads home, which we did.

It is always interesting to see the countryside.

Tonight we are still too full to eat, so it will be another popcorn night, with our favourite TV show Survivor.

And can you believe we already have plans for breakfast tomorrow ?


  1. Looks like another terrible winter day, its really hard to handle this great life all at once!
    "I sure haven't won a million dollars before" and don't need to, we are richer than that.
    There ya, go how's that? Guys?

  2. So spoiled!! I love the ocean and would have been bounding in the waves for sure.

    80? so jealous!!!!!

  3. Hey Trent, we had a great time today. Will you please resend your email to me? We really liked the picture but I somehow deleted it.

    Enjoy the rest of your stay. We wish you safe travels.

    Mike and Marian

  4. So glad you had such a great day! I visited South Padre wayyyyyyyyyyy back in 1994 - went on a fishing boat and saw my first and only dolphin in the wild. In 2008 we only got as far as Mustang Island. uh well - maybe one day.

  5. The life of an RVer...doesn't get much better.

  6. sigh not sure how you put up with that day in and day out**sigh :)...just kidding...title is very appropriate!!!!

  7. Did you guys notice the "HOG Parking" sign on the left side. My kind of place lol. Another place we shall have to check out. Dale & Cindy


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