Thursday, January 3, 2013

Back to the Sunshine

Whomever decided that a 6:00 am flight was a good idea, needs to re-examine their thinking !!

In order to be at the airport two hours early, and considering the airport is at the extreme opposite side of the city from our condo, well you get the idea ... we were denied any sleep.

Thankfully, we had a wonderful flight, and were witness to an amazing sunrise at 30,000 feet.

Our wonderful friends, Ed and Marilyn, offered to pick us up, and true to form, they were there early and patiently waited for us to announce our arrival.

Our sleepy eyes soon widened as we saw our friends and after hugs and greetings, we felt renewed.

As soon as we were on the road, a quick call was made to Bob and Janet, and a few miles later we were meeting for breakfast.

After more hugs, we all took turns describing our Christmas fun with family.

Funny how the best moments always seem to surround grandchildren and their cute little antics.

Once we were back at our motorhome, I hooked up the utilities, and collapsed on the bed, napping for nearly three hours !!

Teresa was as quiet as a mouse, and though she wanted to unpack and get organized, she grabbed a book and headed outside so as not to awaken her sleeping beauty.

It seems so unreal that you can leave freezing cold temperatures, and after only three hours of flying, be reading in the sunshine with only short sleeves.

We headed over to the local grocery store, to grab our essentials, and now that supper is over, we are yawning ourselves inside out.

Good night for now !!


  1. Nice to be back among friends - right! Glad you arrived safely and all went well. You guys must be pooped though! NOT a fan of those early flights!

  2. Welcome home, glad you made it back safe and sound!

  3. welcome back, with the unusually cold weather here in the RGV we are second guessing leaving Arizona as early as we did...

  4. Sure is nice to be back in a warmer climate, now to enjoy your winter home!

  5. Welcome back. I'm sure this cold spell is nothing to what you had at home.


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