Monday, January 14, 2013

Crafty Friends

Teresa and I have a couple of crafty friends.

The guilty party, Bob and Janet

No, they are not sneaky, nor are they tricksters.

Rather, they are awesome at making craft items.

Bob makes baskets out of antlers, and Janet makes decorative lanterns.  Today I want to showcase Janet's handiwork.

Lantern during the day

Janet assembles and sells these beautiful hanging lights, that can be hung under an awning, used on a patio, or as a decorative hanging light indoors.

With the CFL bulb at night

These lights are constructed of a light weight, high-quality polypropylene material which is heat resistant, flexible, and easy to clean.

Photo gives perspective to size

The lights are about 13 inches in diameter, and the cord is about 12 feet long, with a built in on/off switch.

The remote control for the
color changing LED bulb

Janet also makes the exact same lantern, with a color changing LED bulb that is fun to watch.

Lantern with the color changing LED bulb
set to red

You can use the remote to turn the light on or off, adjust the brightness, and choose different colors.


You can keep the light at any selected color, or you can choose to have the remote automatically change to any of the 16 colors at various speeds.


Janet sells the lantern with the spiral energy efficient CFL bulb for $38 including shipping.

The lantern with the color-changing LED bulb plus remote sells for $50 including shipping.

Our friends can be reached at or at
(719) 651-7468 or (719) 651-7488.

Be sure to tell 'em TnT sent ya !!


  1. Wow, beautiful lantern, thanks for sharing those pictures.

  2. That is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  3. cool lights but alas, no room to carry anything that big in our bins...

  4. Wow....great, have to think about where I would put it. Will let you know. So unique. Indeed crafty.


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