Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Enjoying the Warm Sunshine

Today was one of the warmest days we have since we returned here after Christmas.  Another cold front is forecast for the next several days.

With that in mind, Teresa and I decided to go for a long walk and soak up some vitamin D.

We were gone for over an hour, and the sun sure felt great !!

Ed and Marilyn were hosting Happy Hour today, so showers were in order.

Always great food when RV'ers are involved

Because it gets chilly quite early, we are having these get togethers in the afternoon, to take full advantage of the warm sunshine.

Bob, Teresa, and Marilyn

As usual, we had a great time talking about travel and our families.

Marilyn, Janet, Betty, and Lee

Teresa and I sure learn a lot from these experienced folks.  Mostly, we learn what not to do ... lol.

Me, Ed and Bob

After munching for the afternoon, we really don't have to have supper, so we usually just snack on whatever is on hand.

For now, we have to find where we have our sweaters put away, so we can brave this cold front.


  1. glad your getting some good weather and enjoying your time!!!

  2. Always nice having supper cooked for you!

    Good to find out what NOT to do - we like those pieces of info also!

    Brrrrrrrr - it's warm down here! We're only a hop skip and a jump away!

  3. Glad you are enjoying the warm weather, sounds like it won't be around for very long!

  4. Yes it was a beautiful day and tomorrow should be nice to . And then and then.... It will be down right cold. Hope you have more than just sweaters.
    But maybe for you 2 it won't be all that cold.

  5. Bundle up, get thru the cold spell and all will be good.

  6. First rule of snowbirding is to get into that sunshine while it is there.


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